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Chapter 40

40,1. When they arrived in the throne-room where Lamech’s entire staff of the main building were gathered, Lamech joyfully called out and said:

40,2. "Friends, brothers, children and sisters! Rejoice with me; because the Lord has bestowed a great mercy on all of us!

40,3. Behold, here are my two wives, Ada and Zilla, there my two sons, Jubal and the Jabal, which I believed I had lost forever, and here my daughter, Naeme, with her powerful husband whom the Lord Himself has given to her!

40,4. And see, and hear, and hugely rejoice with me! Those the Lord has returned to me and all of us, so that they should stay with me in a pure way as it was from the beginning, but - unfortunately - in the, to the Lord, most displeasing and unclean manner!

40,5. Oh, how are we going to rejoice now in this so mighty-great grace of the Lord to us!

40,6. Brudal, go to the pantries and prepare for all of us a festive meal with the best meat and of the best fruits, and set a second copiously laden table for all our God-friendly citizens of this city, and a third table for all the poor, who are now free, since they previously were our slaves and prisoners! Go and arrange everything to this my desire!

40,7. And you, my brother Terhad, you, ordered by the Lord as guard of the main temple of the Lord, send forthwith heralds everywhere into the big city, and let all those indicated by me be invited to this my great meal of joy, in the most holy name of the Lord Jehovah Zebaoth who, to all of us, is our God, Creator and Father, most loving, wise, holy and almighty from eternity! So be it! Amen.

40,8. Here Brudal and Terhad immediately went to work as instructed and carried out everything absolutely punctual.

40,9. But Lamech soon turned back and called on Thubalkain. When he stepped humbly in front of his father, the latter said to him:

40,10. »Thubalkain, my son, I'll tell you here in the face of the sole high priest of the Lord: Let collect all the weapons, that were determined to wage war, from throughout the great empire and manufacture from it the plow, the sickle, the scythe, the wood hoe, the earth fork, the spade and still all sorts of other useful tools which the Lord’s spirit will teach you!

40,11. Because henceforth the Lord alone shall be our most efficient weapon to protect us against all evil. Not even against the raging beasts do we want to use another weapon; for I have gotten to know the weapon of the Lord many times over!

40,12. Therefore we want to fight with this most powerful weapon our entire life and our children and children's children should never use another weapon!

40,13. But this holy, almighty, eternal primeval weapon of the Lord is called love! With this sacred weapon we want to fight through our earthly life and thus thereby offer the Lord always, as well as at the end of our days on earth, a pleasing sacrifice in the victory, which we have achieved with this His omnipotent holy weapon over all the evil in the world!

40,14. Tomorrow morning, above all else, you should start with the work as recommended! The Lord’s almighty will be done always and forever! Amen."

40,15. Here, Enoch went to Lamech and said to him: "Beloved brother Lamech, you have now given a commandment which I prefer more than gold and the most purest gold; therefore you will be blessed like no one was ever blessed before!

40,16. Your country will overflow with honey and milk and your city will shine like the moon and the houses in it like the stars but your house like the rising sun!

40,17. Verily, I say to you, your love has become more powerful than the whole globe! If your joy feast will be completed, only then you will learn, during the inauguration of the new temple, how pleasing you have become to the Lord!

40,18. Still today I wanted to leave you again; but now I want to stay for three days with you and show you the power of your new weapon! But it will take place in the name of the Lord! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-40 Chapter