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Chapter 41

41,1. The recommended meal was soon ready, and those who were invited started to arrive; the tables were laid and ordered following the proviso of Lamech.

41,2. But Enoch said to Lamech: "Brother, to have order is always good, and we should do nothing outside a certain order - because order is the power of the Lord; out and in His order He has created all things -; but despite this, an order which man has set up between themselves or at least want to set up, namely ranking, is almost entirely unbearable to the Lord!

41,3. If you had placed similar items in a straight line, and someone came to move these items out of your set up straight line, indeed, you would become annoyed and you would look at the distorter with angry eyes!

41,4. But if the Lord has created all people exactly equal and has placed them in front of Himself in a straight line, how could we start bending the straight line of the Lord to our liking?!

41,5. We of course can do this and in respect to certain activity considerations say: ‘He does this and him do that'! And what a by the Lord appointed brother advises another, whom the Lord has not called upon, that he will do!

41,6. This is the right ranking which we have received from the Lord Himself; but at such occasions where we provide a feast for the brothers, we should not have three separate tables but only one, so that we as completely equal brothers and sisters can eat from the same!"

41,7. When Lamech heard this from Enoch, he ordered that the tables be pushed together and the three separate tables became a single brother table.

41,8. But Enoch praised Lamech regarding his obedience to the will and to the love of the Lord.

41,9. But very secretly Lamech of the heights came to Enoch and said to him: "Listen, father Enoch, it is very good and well what you now have have spoken to my eponymous friend of the depths; but there is something which I do not understand in your short speech regarding the hierarchy among people.

41,10. Behold, children are surely inferior to their parents; because it surely would be not right before the Lord when children wanted to equate their parents!

41,11. Moreover, I remember some events on the heights where the Lord Himself made quite significant distinctions among people and did not at all treated all as equals!

41,12. Because the three food baskets on the pinnacle are an undeniable fact where He made you the high-priest and also visibly promoted Purista as well Ghemela! Who can deny this?!

41,13. It thus indicates infallible that the Lord has established a certain hierarchy among the people and therefore I can not make anything of your speech! - Therefore enlighten me a bit more about it!”

41,14. And Enoch turned to Lamech and said: "My son, you are quite far off the mark! What the Lord is doing, is certainly something very different from what man does and should do; for He alone is the Lord!

41,15. The ranking, however, which the Lord has established among the people is only based on our love for Him, and there it says: ‘The more you love Me, your holy Father in your heart, the closer you are to Me; with less love for Me you're also further away from Me!

41,16. Behold, therein lies Enoch as the assigned high-priest, the three baskets on the pinnacle, Purista and Ghemela, as well as the duty of children to their parents, who are the first high-priests assigned by God to their children!

41,17. Such is thus only the ratio of love to God; but among the people such love active positions should not exist to separate them from one another, as to one thinking more of himself than another!

41,18. Only before God are we different by our love for Him but among us no selfmade difference should exist!

41,19. For he who wants to be big, will be small before God; but if we are just loving brothers to each other, we also will be like that in front of God!

41,20. Thus understand this, my son! - However, the tables are combined, thus let us take a seat at the same! Amen.”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-41 Chapter