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Chapter 42

42,1. The number of invited guests was large and therefore could not be accommodated at one large table; therefore Lamech came to Enoch and asked him:

42,2. "Hear, beloved and sublime brother and only high-priest of the Lord, more than half of the invited guests have, as you can see, no seat at the combined tables! If we now have to separate them by preparing a second table, will they not feel lower-rated if they necessarily cannot be seated at the same table at which we will be sitting and where you actually already have chosen to sit?”

42,3. And Enoch smiled at Lamech and then said to him: "Behold, dear brother, necessity is no reduction! But in order to do things with the least possible difference, let also this second table be prepared in this large hall having sufficient space for at least ten thousand people, and it will make no difference at which table we will be sitting! Therefore let it happen and it will be completely right!"

42,4. And Lamech saw that it was good and therefore ordered his servants to set up everything as Enoch has advised him to do.

42,5. And the over-capacity guests were all seated at this second table and were exulted that such great grace has befallen them to be seated at the tables in the throne-room next to the sublime high guests and great friends of God.

42,6. When Lamech heard the cheering that such an arrangement was so well received, he himself became cheerful and full of happiness and also sat at the table where Enoch and Lamech of the heights already had taken a seat.

42,7. Thus everything was in order; the food was served and from all guest’s hearts and mouths al loud praise was offered to the Lord. The tables were then blessed by Enoch in the name of the Lord and all reached with their hands for the blessed food and ate and drank with here and there loud audible praises to the Lord.

42,8. After all were saturated, one of the invited guests at the second table got up and directed the following words to his table companions:

42,9. "Brothers, friends and sisters! What man could, with the greatest ardor and flame of his heart, dare to say that he could thank God, the almighty Lord of heaven and earth, sufficiently in all eternity for such indescribably great mercy that He has bestowed upon us, by converting the previously so hard king Lamech into such a wonderful brother and oversized friend of the people? Indeed, I can’t think of anything greater!

42,10. For the almighty Lord it probably is easy to create a thousand worlds; but to transform a free human spirit without judgement as there has been transformed Lamech and through him all his followers, is indeed more than to create suns and earths and moons in a moment by the almighty, divine will!

42,11. For during the creation of things it certainly depends only on the will of God and it will be there, what God wants! A single by Him pronounced almighty ‘It will be!’ is sufficient and countless suns and worlds already turn in their oversized orbits in front of the eye of the almighty Master!

42,12. But with the free spirit the almighty ‘It will be!’ is already a judgement which is the death of the spirit! And instead of almightiness, great love, compassion, patience, gentleness and endless wisest guidance of God must takes its place and must lead, guide and teach the spirit of man as a second God, so that he then through self-knowledgement in him becomes what he is destined to become according to the divine order. And that is more than creating worlds and suns!

42,13. O, therefore the Lord should be praised and loved by us all as He has not been loved and praised until now; since only now do we realize the greatness of God!

42,14. Get up, brothers, and let us praise and laud the Lord, for He bestowed such great grace upon us!"

42,15. All the guest in the hall were taken aback by this speech and everybody was seized by the power of these words.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-42 Chapter