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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-45 Chapter

Chapter 45

45,1. Some at the table of the the speaker, however, were a bit slow to comprehend. They turned with the following somewhat silly question to the speaker and said:

45,2. "Good, wise friend and brother, you have a lot of light in you and speak words of wisdom! We absolutely cannot deny this; for also we are quite equipped with wisdom and can therefore properly judge whether what someone says, is wise or stupid!

45,3. Also with you, we can not say, that you not have spoken wisely, but we recognize your wisdom as perfect.

45,4. But there is a point therein which to the saturation of our spirit does not sound right, at least not in the way, as you have served it to us!

45,5. See, you said: The word resolves solid matter in its inner basic forms, through contemplation of which the soul is saturated; and when forms are dissolved to the innermost foundation, we thereby can understand in them the spiritual meaning, to thereby nourish the spirit.

45,6. With that we agree with you; however, that man with his feeble words can dissolve solid matter like red hot ore a drop of water - brother, just think about this yourself a little, and you will immediately recognize your vain blow into thin air!

45,7. Talk to a stone for a thousand years and more, - if you can live that long - and the stone will still be a stone as it was created - of course through a much more powerful word than ours!

45,8. Therefore we would like to ask you to smooth out this notch for us, since we also care about your honor, despite the fact that we do not know from which neighborhood you came to us; even more so when the high guests at the other table seem to pay attention to our conversation, and even the two mighty one’s from the heights! "

45,9. But the speaker got up and said to the well-meaning critics: "Does true wisdom conforms to eternal truth or to the weakness of the world? - What answer do you want to give Me to this question? Who of you has wisdom should speak!

45,10. You remain silent and seek for an answer; but I maintain that this time you can not find one that will satisfy Me! Have I then spoken about a physical or mechanical dissolvement of matter?

45,11. You're all good-natured embarrassed about My honor in front of the high-ranking guests of the other table; what should I then do now to save your honor, since through your question and through this your critical assessment of My speech to you to your benefit, you really brought more than an old wive’s stupidity to the brightest sunlight?

45,12. Did I not spoke of an inner living word of love from the heart, which first expresses itself in clear thoughts or mental forms and then transforms into the language of visions and only then, if necessary, because of the weakness of people with merely coarse senses, it spills over into the oral language, so that the coarse senses of such weak people through the frequent saturation of the spirit in them become refined, and they then with refined, thus with more alive senses contemplate the things in its truth and thereby continuously more and more saturate their spirit, so that he, as the actual life in man, can arise and become the perfect master in his house, - while, as it is now the case with you, he is nothing more than a sheerest, meaningless servant of matter, the judgement and thus also death?!

45,13. If I then have talked only about such words, tell me then, how is before God and all the world your understanding constituted, that you could not have grasp such and rather wanted to distinguish yourselves with your coarse stupidity, rather than asking a friendly-humble-modest question about a certain point of My speech, which appeared somewhat dark to you?"

45,14. Here, the former critics looked at each other quite puzzled, and no one was able to produce only a slightest justification.

45,15. But Lamech said to Enoch: "O brother Enoch, if there exist more such wise men in this my city, I will look quite strangely at their side; - for he talks as if had come straight from the heavens to us"!

45,16. But Enoch said to Lamech: "Brother, just be patient! The Speaker is not finished yet; but if He will be ready, then I will tell you what you have to do! But it will come even better; of that you can be fully assured. Therefore, be patient! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-45 Chapter