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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-47 Chapter

Chapter 47

47,1. After a brief pause the main speaker began to continue speaking again: "You look at Me now completely puzzled because I have kindled a little light for you, and you do not know what you should make of Me and My words.

47,2. Inside you ask yourself: 'How could I become a heathen or an atheist, if I pray with words of the mouth to God?! Can I then recognize God with the mouth without previously recognizing Him in my heart, thus in the thoughts of my heart?'

47,3. Yes, My friend and brother, you now recognize God and your mouth word is an expression of what you feel in your heart; but why?

47,4. Because you saw the Lord, your God, and are thus compelled to believe it that there exist a God, and how He looks like and you have heard from Him what He wants to achieve with man!

47,5. But this belief is not a freedom of the spirit, but a killing bondage thereof, since you now must believe that it is Him, God the Lord, because you have seen Him and could convince yourself through the power of His speech and His actions.

47,6. But this belief will only hold you but can not pass over in this your persuasive power to your offspring; because what you now convincingly recognize, that your descendants will only halfway hardly believe as true, since it is only a verbal heritage, thus far weaker than there was your visual perception.

47,7. But in ten generations forward, this your disfigured traditional belief will barely be worthy of any consideration and paganism will become the fruit of your mouth faith and this fruit will follow the utter denial of God and upon this the surest judgement because man without his association with God is already condemned in his own death-night.

47,8. But if you acknowledges God in your heart, that is through your living love for Him and thus prays in spirit and in truth to Him, you are going to shake off your present compelled faith-judgement, from which you never will harvest any salvation, but instead you will go over into a living faith, that means in a living vision of your spirit in you, wherein finally all your life forces must unite, if you should live forever.

47,9. And only in this living vision you will truly recognize God and acknowledge Him alive in the spirit and in truth; and you will also seek to preserve this acknowledgement in your descendants, and they will follow your example, and paganism, the denial of God, the judgement and death shall remain far from all your descendants.

47,10. Because this is indeed sure and highly duly certain that the spirit of man is the most innermost, just as the living germ-spark is the innermost of every fruit.

47,11. If you thus believe and pray outwardly, sensual materially, you lure your spirit also to the outwardly materially, what there is your judgement and therefore death.

47,12. But if you do this, you are doing spiritually the same as if you would take a torch, and while it burns, stuck it in a mud puddle! I ask you: Will it continue to burn and will it enlighten your dark path?

47,13. Your spirit is your light and your life; but if you extinguish it, what is then left to you whereby you can grow a life for you?

47,14. You now live of course because you've seen God and you now must believe that He exist; but I tell you, with this life you will not go beyond the grave, if you will not forget in your matter, what you saw, and the forgotten not will find anew in your spirit through the powerful love for God!

47,15. But what I now have told you, hold it as high as what you saw, and you will have eternal life, otherwise only to the grave.

47,16. Understand such and speak, if something is a little dark to you, so that I can enlighten you! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-47 Chapter