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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-49 Chapter

Chapter 49

49,1. Also Lamech heard this conversation between the two at the other table, and thus turned to Enoch and asked him:

49,2. "Listen, brother in the Lord, this man there is a bit too wise for an ordinary man, that is, I mean to say: for a man of the depths.

49,3. He is most likely also send by the Lord from the heights to me or or to my people as a teacher in the higher and deeper wisdom of life!

49,4. It is therefore my opinion, since he already mentioned the general invitation to the inauguration of the temple on the mount, that it would be just good manners from me to personally go to him and give him a proper invitation! Don’t you think that such is the right thing to do?"

49,5. And Enoch replied to Lamech: "My beloved brother, - now go and do according to your heart; because now it's time!

49,6. However, this wise man must be present at the inauguration; because the temple on the mountain indicates the wisdom of the Lord, which He has given to us out of His great love and mercy, and therefore must this temple be inaugurated with the divine wisdom among us and in us!

49,7. The temple in the purified depths pertains to love and mercy of the Lord and is set up equal to the heart in man, which previously was a puddle full of filth and all kinds of vermin. In this sewer had to be killed the flesh-love (See the story of the palace women and the the messenger Kisehel!), only then could the morass be dried out by strong hot winds, then the ground had to be leveled and the earth had to be transformed through a strong fire, equal to the former carnal palace women, into pure gold, and it required smoothly carved stones to build the Temple, thus a brand new kind of material that is strong and durable, not like a rotten piece of wood, dirty as the stinking mud of the puddles.

49,8. Behold, that is the inner temple of God in the heart of man visually depicted by the temple in the planes and ordained by God Himself!

49,9. But the Lord also commanded you to build a temple on the purified mountain.

49,10. But the temple should represent your wisdom and everything the same induces.

49,11. Thus also the people had to be present, whom the Lord out of Himself has equipped for this purpose with great wisdom.

49,12. But that man is a true wise man of God; therefore go and invite Him to the inauguration of the temple on the mountain!

49,13. But you should not invite anybody else; however, if this man wants to take someone with Him, then everyone He will take along should be considered by you as fully invited!

49,14. For wisdom is the light of love, and this light’s emission is substantial, eternal truth. Therefore go now and do according to your heart! Amen."

49,15. And Lamech, after these words of Enoch, made so to speak only one jump to the wise man and invited him to the upcoming inauguration of the temple on the mountain.

49,16. And the man said to Lamech: "Friend and brother, since you have invited Me, I will come, you can be sure of that; but whom I will take with me, should be congenial to you!

49,17. For I walk on for you unfathomable ways of eternal wisdom in God; therefore everyone who is seized by this wisdom, is a servant of wisdom from God, and you should be his brother forever!

49,18. But go now and report this to Enoch, and he will understand you at once!

49,19. But get going soon, so that the temple can be inaugurated still during the day on earth! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-49 Chapter