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Chapter 5 - Mira's Entrance into the Hut, and her Examination, Purification and Acceptance through God.

1. When Mira safely entered the hut to meet with the Lord whom she did not know yet so well, He got up and said to her in a somewhat serious tone: "Mira, where do you come from now, since I did not wave to you, but earlier you chose not to come when I beckoned you? In addition, I also insctucted Enoch that no woman should be allowed to step over the threshold of the hut, - and yet you came in! How did this happen?"

2. This very sharp and questioning tone caused Mira to initially lose a little courage; but she nevertheless regained her composure, thinking by herself: "If this is the Lord, He will not take it too seriously and will become softened by my truly deep of heart supplication; and if he's just a conservative wiseman, in the worst case I can always leave again the same way I have come here! "

3. Only after such demurs did she open her mouth and said somewhat shy, yet boldly: "It is true that, on the whole, I have been wrong; but if I think of it that the distress of my heart compelled me to do this, and that Enoch did not tell me anything of a commandment not to enter the hut, then I have not done anything wrong!

4. After all, who would want to blame one who suffers in great distress, when he calls for help, or one who searches for assistance, and this even more so when a weak female creature calls for help or searches for assistance, just as I happen to be such a poor creature?!

5. And what actually is it that's so terribly wrong with what I've done? Is it not right then if a female also loves and respects God more than all the other people, who, even put together, are utterly nothing compared to God?!

6. Thus I have told the mothers and sisters my opinion as well, because I could not have known that this will have such a distressing effect on them! If I had known, I certainly would have kept quiet, however, what's done is done! But now I want to make up for my mistake a thousand fold; and that can’t possibly be wrong!

7. This I also told father Enoch; but he did not have a heart for me and my great distress. That's why I ran to you, because I thought you would be more merciful than Enoch; but after your initial reception, it seems that you do not have any more mercy than Enoch!

8. In general I must openly confess to you that, since the time when the Lord has taught nothing than love for several days on the hill, the people seem much less merciful to me than before, and, in fact, really are; and that is not a good sign, I think.

9. So, if it were up to me, I would like to help the whole world on the spot, let alone only a weak female, which, in any way, is both by God and nature itself placed in an incomprehensibly more adverse and suffering situation than any man!

10. Behold, I have now finished speaking and spoke as it was in my heart! If you don’t like it and I have unintentionally offended you, you are mighty enough to either throw me out or do with me as you had previously done with Sehel; for it is better not to be at all than to be in a world where people have hearts of stone, in which there is no mercy!"

11. Thereafter the Lord said to Mira: "But hear, Mira! This was a long answer to My short question! One half you probably could have kept to yourself - and be silent about the other; for I know better than you what the actual problem is!

12. However, so that you may see that I am right, I want to explain to you your actual distress, and thus hear Me out:

13. Behold, your mothers and sisters are jealous - and so are you! Your mothers were reviled about me and My behavior because of jealousy, and out of sheer jealousy you have then rebuked them, for you have secretly adopted a greater right to Me through My beckoning gesture than the others, whom I did not gesture.

14. Because of My gesture to you, immediately the deepest love for Me ignited within you; but when you later heard the mother’s and sister’s reproach about Me, your love for Me was insulted, and through your good opinion you took revenge on your mothers and sisters!

15. But since your revenge was somewhat more effective than you wanted it to be, you now feel bad about it and you would now like to help those who are suffering; but since this is not possible for you, you are looking for help.

16. I tell you, however, that help will come, and this sooner than you had expected; but in the meantime, go outside and think about your misstep, and then come to Me with a clean heart, and I will accept you and bless you like these four!"

17. Here Mira blushed with shame and said: "If You were not the Lord, my heart could not be so open with You; but You are the Lord, and therefore nothing is hidden from You, and now I will contently leave the hut, of which I am not worthy since I have seen you and recognized You fully!

18. But forgive me my trespasses, as I indeed forgive everybody everything with my whole heart by whatever I have been offended!"

19. And the Lord said: "Yes, you, I would forgive endlessly many things, if you were a sinner, because you love Me so much! But you are innocent; thus stay here with Me according to your heart, and Enoch will take care of the rest! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-5 Chapter