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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-50 Chapter

Chapter 50

50,1. When Lamech had heard these words, he at once bowed reverently before the Speaker and went back to Enoch.

50,2. On arrival, he reported to him at once what he had heard from the wise Speaker.

50,3. But the words pleased all the guests at the main table, and Enoch said very friendly to Lamech:

50,4. "Thus order then that we rise, so that the day does not end, prior to us having inaugurated the temple of wisdom in the name of the Lord!"

50,5. And Lamech announced such at once from the throne, and all the people rose.

50,6. But the people from the tables also gave signs to go along, which made Lamech feel somewhat awkward; but the wise Speaker went to Lamech and said to him:

50,7. "Does it bother you that the children also want to walk the path of wisdom? But I think we should not deny anyone wanting to follow us on the path of God's righteousness.

50,8. For what the upcoming inauguration only represents visually, should beforehand take place by us and by the people alive in the spirit.

50,9. Before the dead temple is inaugurated by you, the many temples of the spirit of God in our brothers and sisters, which are their hearts, should be inaugurated! See, that is important and without it the inauguration of the temple is of no use!

50,10. But if you want to leave the people at home and without them inaugurate the temple, tell me, for whom will the temple then be inaugurated?

50,11. Do you as an unholy person before God want to holy the temple to Him, the only Holy?

50,12. That would not be acceptable because only the Holy can holy something but not the unholy!

50,13. God provides only for the people but not for the temple, and let built the temple by you for the sake of the people, but not that He ever had created the people for the sake of this to be inaugurated temple!

50,14. And therefore at the forthcoming ceremony are only the people the main reason and must therefore necessarily be present, but not the temple.

50,15. For if this is not the case, the Lord for Himself will inaugurate the living temples of the people; but the dead temple on the mountain He will deny its holy making and turn the mountain back to a home of snakes and vipers!

50,16. Thus invite the people by sending out heralds into the entire city; for I have told you before to allow those to come along whom I want to take with Me

50,17. Behold, him who I want to take along, are the people! And therefore you need not be bothered any longer; for the wisdom of the Lord in man alone recognizes the right ways of the Lord!"

50,18. These words almost killed Lamech; because he was completely overwhelmed by the superior wisdom of this Man.

50,19. He therefore ran to his servants, and exploded them so to speak over the whole big city to invite the people to the inauguration of the temple on the mountain.

50,20. But when he quick footedly came back to the great hall, Enoch met him and said to him:

50,21. "But brother Lamech, why didn’t you ask me for advice on whether you should do what the wise Speaker advised you to do, for this is why I’m here?"

50,22. Lamech was a little embarrassed - because he did not know that Enoch was only examining him - and therefore said to Enoch: "Brother Enoch, I was too surprised by the great wisdom of the man and also convinced of the enormous and deep truth of his words, so that I could not do otherwise than to act!”'

50,23. And Enoch embraced Lamech and then said to him: "You did perfectly right! But let us therefore depart immediately so that we can perform the sanctifying proceedings before the sun sets; let this take place in the name of the Lord! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-50 Chapter