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Chapter 52

52,1. When all now had arrived at the mountain without the slightest constraint, where there was a plateau large enough to hold several thousand people - and of course a large crowd of people, driven by their sensation-seeking desire and curiosity, who arrived much earlier than Lamech with his retinue and surrounded the great, magnificent temple - it was impossible for Lamech and his entourage to reach the temple.

52,2. This caused for Lamech a major embarrassment because the sun was already very close to set, and the inauguration of the temple was subject to take place before sundown.

52,3. He therefore turned to Enoch and asked him: "Brother Enoch, you wisest, sole high priest of the Lord, what should we do here? See, the sun is already drawing very close to go down, and there is no way to get to the temple! What will become of the conditional inauguration if this is supposed to happen before sundown?”

52,4. But Enoch said to Lamech: "Brother, I’m of the opinion that the obstacle in front of us, which cuts us off from the road to the temple is worth more than the temple itself; because here are a thousand living temples of the love and mercy of God but there only is one dead temple made out of stone!

52,5. How would it be, if we inaugurate these living temples out of God, since they are true temples, and would think thereby: The dead temple will thereby be most effectively - namely through this our many brothers and sisters - and yet also most validly dedicated to God! What do you think in this regard?”

52,6. Lamech was taken aback a bit and then said to Enoch: "Yes, most beloved brother, you are of course quite right, and I understand your great wisdom in this regard! But just look at the position of the sun! If its presence is a condition of this whatsoever inauguration of the temple, we will surely not be able to conclude it today but have to postpone this sublime ceremony until tomorrow! Will this not be the case?"

52,7. And Enoch replied to Lamech: "Brother, look, just behind your back is the wise Man! Ask Him again for advice what should be done, and I myself will submit to His decision!”

52,8. And Lamech did at once what Enoch had advised him to do.

52,9. And the wise Man replied to Lamech: "My dear friend and brother! The consecration as given to you by Enoch, is the only true consecration of the temple before God but concerning the now already setting sun, which pours its light only over dead matter, its presence is not that important as you might think with respect to the inauguration of the temple.

52,10. For there exists still another, much more effective sun - which was meant by Me and Enoch - as this natural sun, and for you this sun is positioned exactly at the zenith and for now is still far from setting.

52,11. But if this sun shines alive at the midday sky of your spirit, as it has already shone from eternities ago, you therefore may indeed fully validly before God and all the people - consecrate the temple through the people according to Enoch’s counsel, even if the natural time would be the middle of the night.

52,12. Behold, God does not count the days and the years of the world - for a thousand years are before Him as one day -; but He counts the thoughts of your heart, and there one love-good thought is more valuable to Him than a thousand times thousand years and days of the world!

52,13. Thus do not pay attention to the external time, for it has been unalterably judged for the just need of the living on earth, but respect the living heart of man which there is a true temple of life from God.

52,14. Thus, let also your sun shine before the hearts of your brothers and sisters, and you will thereby always pleasing to God walk and act in the brightest day in you, even if it is the densest night on earth!

52,15. Behold, the sun which now has gone down, is also a very great world, and those walking on it, have an eternal day; but if you walk in the light of your spirit sun, you in a similar way will never perceive a night in yourself, but you will walk in the eternal day of your life from God!

52,16. Thus also consecrate this temple in the hearts of these people, and your consecration will be justifiable before God!

52,17. Bless them as brothers and sisters, and God Himself will before your eyes bless the temple, which was built by the hands of men! - Behold, this is how things are and therefore act accordingly! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-52 Chapter