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Chapter 56

56,1. After these words of the wise Man Lamech contemplated, how he had to go about to get down the heart from the height to the lower altar.

56,2. Because he still did not understood the words of the wise Man, he in all seriousness thought that he actually had to climb onto the roof to reach for the heart with his hand and if the hand was too short, to use a long rod with a hook attached to pull it down at best like an apple from a tree.

56,3. But since the Wise noticed such thoughts of Lamech, He said to him: "But listen, you Lamech, who was so exhausted by My wisdom, and even put God’s tongue into My mouth, which was not unjustifiable, tell Me now, how did it happen that you have conceived my words of wisdom so twisted!

56,4. For indeed, more stupid and material the spiritual could hardly ever have been understood!

56,5. Do you think that the radiant heart above the temple is in all seriousness your carnal heart?

56,6. O see, we certainly cannot use the carnal heart in your chest on the altar and it is for your natural life absolutely necessary; but only the heart of your spirit which there is the love to God in you, is useable here on the altar!

56,7. But this heart can not either with the carnal hand nor with a hooked rod be drawn down, but only with one's own power of love, which is in it.

56,8. However, the radiant heart above the temple is anyway only an appearance which can only be seen by the vision of the spirit, and does not imply anything else than that you love an endlessly distant God and are searching for Him behind all the stars; but the God which is always near you, you are not able to recognize and love!

56,9. Your heart radiates indeed a pure, highly inflamed love for God; but from such love you can gain only a little or nothing at all other than perhaps that you can see a little better in its broken light of the night than otherwise in utter darkness. But that is already all you can gain.

56,10. However, only life is the main concern, which is to last forever but not the light of the temporal life which fades with the same.

56,11. Therefore the heart of the spirit or your love for God, must be closest to you, which means, it must be within you. You must search for God inside you, recognize and then love Him above all, and you will have eternal life; for behold, God alone is indeed life and thus has it and thus gives life!

56,12. But if such is an eternal truth, then tell Me to what use can an endlessly distant God or an endlessly distant life be to you!

56,13. You must have the eternal life, which there is the eternal love of God, only in you if you want to live but not behind all the stars!

56,14. In addition it is important to note, however, that the infinite God is of no use to you because you as a finite being, can not ever grasp the actual infinite being of God.

56,15. And that is why God has created the human heart as a dwelling place for Himself, so that no one should live apart from or without God.

56,16. See, the sun of the earth is placed so far away that no man from earth can ever reach it and is made so large that in comparison to this earth that you inhabit, could be regarded not greater than a fist-sized playball for its children, seen from their point of view!

56,17. Tell me, to what advantage would that great sun be to you, even if you could reach it with your hand, your eyes and your body but had not be created and arranged in such a way as to absorb the whole sun into to you in a highly tapered scale?! - See, you then would have neither heat nor light from it!

56,18. But your eye is constructed by God in such a way that you can overlook the whole sun and thus acquire in you its living picture and you also can utilize its heat and light; but you are not warmth by the distant, large sun, but only by the one you carry within!

56,19. Even more so it is the case with God whom you impossibly can ever grasp in His infinity; yes, He is for you virtually none existent.

56,20. But this infinite God has placed in your spiritual heart His perfect likeness; this is your life and is in you.

56,21. Your mighty love for God is this invigorating image of God in you; therefore abide in you, and do not lift this sanctuary outside of you, but hold it firmly in you, and you'll always have God functioning in your closest proximity and you will not need to ask: ‘Behind what star lives God?', but you'll recognize in yourself your own sacred star, behind which your God dwells and in you continually creates - of course still unknowingly to you - life.

56,22. Thus also awaken your love in you to a God near you, and your heart will be on the altar even without a rod and you will recognize the nearby God and the praise of righteous humility! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-56 Chapter