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Chapter 57

57,1. Only now did Lamech fully comprehended the words of the Wise, slapped his chest and said to himself:

57,2. "0 God, how terribly stupid is man in his idiosyncrasy, and what great patience does it take from the side of the Most High, divine wisdom, until out of a man like me, something is made to at least start to understand just a little about the most sublime, the most sacred divine order.

57,3. But what can the created man do out of himself? - Nothing better than to live according to the recognized divine order! Who lives by this, as he recognizes it, is surely not doing wrong!

57,4. You, o God, but knows it best how much a man can bear; therefore You only gradually allow him deeper insights into Your endless wisdom, so that he can become akin to You in his actions!

57,5. Therefore I want to love, praise and glorify You my life!”

57,6. However, while Lamech conducted these soliloquies and meditations more in himself than with his mouth, behold, the cloud around the temple suddenly disappeared so that it was standing there completely pure and free and the radiant heart soon descended on to the altar.

57,7. And all the people who were present fell from too great reverence to the ground and said, "Oh great, holy almighty God, be gracious and merciful to us sinners!"

57,8. And Lamech, entirely contrite through this new extraordinary phenomenon - although it was actually conditionally predestined by the wise Man - now also fell to the ground before the wise Man as was his intention earlier on, and he said to Him:

57,9. "According to Your teaching the spirit of God is in me - what I now very much lively perceive; but in You it certainly is incomparable more stronger and more powerful than in me! Therefore I fall on my knees in front of You and praise and laud the divine love and wisdom in You, as I also laud and praise it in me, in as far as I recognize it in me, to the welfare of my people!

57,10. Honor, praise and all my love therefore to God, our Lord, Creator and most holy Father, who has descended so far below to perform great signs before our eyes, only that we can recognize Him and then live according to His holy, to us all freely revealed divine order to gain the eternal life!"

57,11. Here the wise Man bent down to the ground and raised Lamech. After He had helped him up, He said to him: "Lamech, I say to you: Straighten up in your soul and recognize who is the One who now has said to you: 'Straighten up in your soul!'

57,12. Because people should never kneel or lie on the ground before other people, the angels do not bow in front of each other, and the gods know that they are one with the One!

57,13. Or look during the day into the eyes of your brothers and in every human eye you will see one and the same sun! Despite that every man surely sees only one sun, there does not exist several suns for many people and other beings, but only the light of one sun radiates and affects each human eye, thus one spiritual outpour from one large light-bearer!

57,14. In the same way only one spirit of God functions in the heart of every man; therefore the performing spirit of God in man is not any kind of second God, but only one spirit with the infinite spirit of God, just like all the suns reflecting from the eyes of men, are completely one with the main sun from which they are emanating.

57,15. But I am the Lord; you have recognized this now and therefore was falling onto your face before Me.

57,16. But I say to you: If the sun would burn for itself, it would also destroy itself; but the sun drives its heat and its light out to the cold earths and heat and illuminate them and therefore its large surface is delightful to live on.

57,17. In the same manner I am transferring all My divine dignity to My children so that one day they can live exceedingly blissfully with Me!

57,18. And therefore I do not want that the children should fall on their knees before Me, but should only love Me alone as their good Father with all their vitality.

57,19. But I will never shy away from the humble, but will be with him at all times and will raise him up whenever he falls down before Me; thereby I also praise you now because you are humble.

57,20. But stay now in this your humility and love and you will never need to bring down your heart from the roof! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-57 Chapter