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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-58 Chapter

Chapter 58

58,1. After, however, Lamech had fully recognized the Lord in the wise Man, he wanted to begin to shout to all the people to announce to them the most holy presence of the Lord of heaven and earth.

58,2. But the Lord said to him: "Lamech, don’t do what you want to do but think for yourself: If it would be good and necessary to do this, I would certainly not refrain from doing it Myself!

58,3. But it would cost the already very excited people their life, what could not be avoided under the present order of things.

58,4. Therefore we want to safe such useless work for more favorable times; in time, however, if I have to leave you again, you can announce Me to the people and refer to this My presence.

58,5. But for now I'll stay only as a wise Man for a short time among you, so that no one should have a killing judgement in Me in his free soul.

58,6. But what you can do now consists therein that you go out and ask the people to get up, so that they do not have to lie for longer on the ground and keep worshiping in their still strong blindness the image of the radiant heart, as if it was a figurative presentation of the highest, all-wisest God.

58,7. Explain to them this image as revealed to you in truth and the people should understand you and in a completely sober state, give Me, God the Lord, in their hearts an equitable praise!

58,8. See, this is a righteous task; go and do it and then come back again, and after the work is done one can rest well! Amen."

58,9. And Lamech went to carry out what the Lord advised him to do. But when he started in his own way to instruct the people to rise from the ground, behold, no one moved and all remained rigidly lying on the ground as before when he had not instructed them to rise from the ground.

58,10. This occurrence made Lamech anxious and he thought by himself: "What shall I do now, so not to return inside the temple to the Lord empty-handed and be a major embarrassment? - I want to grab each one under the arms and will raise him before the Lord and will then tell him what I have to tell him!"

58,11. Thought and done! But unfortunately to no avail; for as many he rose, as many fell to the ground again in their previous positions like deep sleepers.

58,12. This second occurrence made Lamech feel even more embarrassment; but he thought: "I want to go to my own family members; they will follow my words if they are still alive!"

58,13. He did so; but also there his efforts were in vain. But now he ran out of options, except for going straight back into the temple to the Lord and to Enoch empty-handed; but Lamech was in for a major surprise when he could not find neither Enoch nor the Lord anymore!

58,14. This was just a little too much for our Lamech. At first he was near to despair; but after quite a while he said to himself: "So it will be the Lord's will, and therefore let it be how He wants it!

58,15. That I was not able to accomplish anything I can’t help it; for what I did, I did to the best of my ability. But that I can work no wonder the Lord certainly also knows.

58,16. But I nevertheless want to do something and go and look for them among the sleeping people! If I find them there, I want indeed praise and laud God henceforth; and if I don’t find them anymore, I will sacrifice everything to the Lord and then also go to bed!"

58,17. And so he went out and sought for the two - but also in vain; for they were not among the people.

58,18. Lamech was now seriously frightened so that he began to weep. Saddened he went into the temple and was lying down beside the altar and tried to fall asleep; but he was not able to do so because of his great fear and sadness.

58,19. And so seven long hours passed; but no one woke up and neither the Lord nor Enoch reappeared.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-58 Chapter