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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-6 Chapter

Chapter 6 - Mira's near-death out of Love. Her Resurrection through God. Her fiery Love and God's sudden disappearance. God's Return and the Preparation of the Meal.

1. These words nearly cost Mira her life if it wasn't for her presence before the Lord of life. For her long hidden love for the Lord now came to a full eruption, and she was still not prepared enough for this; as such, our Mira fell lifeless onto the floor of the hut.

2. But the Lord touched her with one finger, and a new life began to undulate through the whole being of the former, nearly dead body.

3. But that was good and within My order; for everyone must let the world completely die within him before he can receive and endure the fullness of the living force and power of My Love in him!

4. But when Mira, now reborn by My love in her, arose again, she wept because of too much love for Me and was not able to talk with her mouth, because her whole being has become one word, a single word which nevertheless said more than all the books in the world; for this endlessly important word is love, that is the pure, true and living love for God.

5. And precisely into this word of all words the whole being of Mira has passed; because of this she wept out of the fullness of this word, and her magnificent tears, like shimmering diamonds, with which she wetted my feet, carried more meaning than the contents of the world's largest library.

6. Verily, I say, even the tears of a repentant sinner embracing Me with all his love are worth more to him than if he would have received a thousand worlds as a gift for eternal enjoyment!

7. However, Mira was never a sinner; thus her love was like the fervency of a central sun, and her tears were suns, giving light to the planets.

8. And in such love Mira got up and looked at Me, her holy, most loving Father, with eyes that, in this very moment, nobody could have endured except Me, for even My heart was compelled to withdraw a little by such a look, for the wisest reason of love.

9. For if I had let My heart run freely, it would have consumed Mira with a most powerful counter fire, and it would have engulfed her as the subject of the most powerful love.

10. For that reason I hid Myself for a short period of time and went to Enoch in the meantime, where I was only visible to him alone and told him what he should say to the women, so that they can recognize Me, but not ignite me too much.

11. For the sake of the fathers as well did I withdraw Myself a little from their sight; because in them the still somewhat immature love ignited a little too violently as well, and in this flame they would not have endured My visible presence too well.

12. However, since My fierce lovers suddenly realized that I was not among them anymore, their fire storm of love began to subside and they looked at each other with wide eyes, and one asked the other: "What is this? Where did He go? Why did He disappeare just like that? He still wanted to tell us a little something about the sun, and now that our hearts were ignited, He left us! No, that is quite strange! Just when one wants to embrace Him, He is gone!"

13. But Mira said: "My eyes do not see Him any longer either, but my heart is filled with Him, and that is endlessly more than I, a poor sinner before Him, am ever worthy of!

14. If I can and am allowed to just love Him, that is quite enough for me; for even I know that His visible appearance is just a rare grace anyway.

15. For if He would be constantly visible among us, like a person, we would no longer be able to help ourselves because of all the increasing love for Him, or we would finally get so used to Him that He would appear to us just like any other person!

16. So he knows quite well what is good and right, he leaves at the right time and comes at the right time!

17. Here the Lord appeared visibly in the hut again and said to Mira: "That's right, you guessed it completely: He always leaves and comes when it is good! As such, He is also back again, as you can see!"

18. A scream of the loudest joy was the renewed reception, and all fell to His feet.

19. But He helped them all up and sat down with them at the table, and he said to Purista: “Go and look at how the pots are doing on the stove, and spread the fire, otherwise it burns too much on one point and too little on another! For when the fathers enter the hut, the meal must be ready; therefore get busy my dear daughter!"

20. Purista got busy at once at the stove and did according to the instructions of the Lord. Since the fruits were already quite soft, she informed the Lord about it.

21. And the Lord said to her: "All right, put it on the table, Mira should go to the fathers and announce that the meal is ready, and that they should enter the hut! - Let this take place, Amen.”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-6 Chapter