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Chapter 61

61,1. After these words of Lamech from the heights, Lamech of the depths followed his eponymous companion into the temple.

61,2. But when both arrived there, the Lord together with Enoch walked immediately towards them and received both with outstretched arms.

61,3. But such great civility on behalf of the most highest Lord surprised Lamech from the depths and this especially now in his somewhat critical situation, at least as he believed it to be, where he was expecting a firm rebuke from the Lord for his flesh-sleep.

61,4. But the Lord said to the still somewhat scary wondering Lamech: "Why are you now so surprised about My goodness, love and great mercy? Were you then as a sinner ever greater than now? How is it then when I came to you the first time?

61,5. When I came to you back then while you were still My great enemy, to pull you up as a deeply fallen, why are you then so surprised if I come and meet you at the entrance to the temple, when you have not sinned?!

61,6. Because what you now experienced was only a mere admission by Me, to show you, what fruits you or at least your descendants are likely to grow out of the predominantly powerful love for women.

61,7. What I thus showed to you, is only a valuable message for you and your offspring but certainly never ever a sin.

61,8. If you will comply with it correctly, you will live in the spirit of true love and all wisdom from it.

61,9. You and your guide who is most dear to Me, follow Me and let us really relax by the bright light of the flaming and radiating heart on the altar and livingly enjoy ourselves through discussions and counseling!"

61,10. And the two stepped very happily into the temple and praised the Lord in their hearts beyond measure.

61,11. But the Lord led them to the altar and then said to them: "A person can get into circumstances where it is justifiable to turn a problem into a virtue, yes, sometimes he even have to. Likewise, we can do so too!

61,12. Behold, the circular steps around the altar are not intended to sit on; but since there are no other resting chairs and benches available here, let us all sit on these circular steps with our faces turned to the east and we thereby converted the empty decorative steps into useful resting seats.

61,13. And who can argue with us about it?! Because we ourselves are the purpose for whom the temple including its altar and structures was built; therefore it is up to us to use the temple as it pleases us! What do you think, Lamech, am I right or not?"

61,14. And Lamech said, "O Lord, You dear, good Father! Your will is indeed alone holy and makes me most joyful; therefore let it always happen as it pleases You most!

61,15. O Lord and Father in all Your infinite gentleness and meekness, could You also determine in what order we should sit around You, so that also in this point Your will be fulfilled!"

61,16. And the Lord said to Lamech: "You're still very much a courtier and of all the ceremonies you don’t know what to do!

61,17. But I say to you: Observe very closely the children of a family father who loves his children very much! What are they doing when the father comes home?

61,18. See, they all run as fast as they can towards the dear, good father and the nearest and quickest is the first to embrace the father with all its love and the others follow as their feet allows them to do the same.

61,19. The youngest stays of course behind but the good father sees how it, with a pounding heart, scampers towards him and when it comes close to him, he goes to meet it with a flaming heart, takes it on his arms, presses it to his chest and kisses and caresses it to his great heart's content.

61,20. See, My Lamech, in exactly the same way also My divine and heavenly house rules are arranged! First come, first serve; and the last and most vulnerable I want to take up in my arms and want to caress and cuddle him beyond measure, because he has known the Father in his weakness and then with weak feet hastened to Me, the dear, good Father!

61,21. And thus also you should do likewise and do not ask about the ranking, then I as the true Father, will have a real joy about you, My children!

61,22. Behold, I have already sat down; thus come and sit here with Me!"

61,23. Here all three fell over the Father out of their mighty love for Him and the Father said: "This is right; this is the true order of heaven! Remain in it henceforth always and forever! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-61 Chapter