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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-63 Chapter

Chapter 63

63,1. Lamech did not need to think long and soon came up with the following question:

63,2. "O Lord, You most best, most loving, holy Father! Since You have bestowed the great mercy on me by calling on me to speak to You and to ask You about all kinds of unknown subjects, I thus dare to make full use of this endless, great mercy.

63,3. Behold, I often have thought about it by myself, whether it is right before You, if a man has more than one wife!

63,4. Although nature seems in favour of it since the man can procreate almost every day; but the woman can basically only conceive once a year!

63,5. If one looks at this relationship by the light of an objective mind, polygamy appears to be perfectly appropriate and in line with nature and cause in that thereby the population can only gain but never lose.

63,6. But if one considers, however, the always same ratio of numbers of individuals, it shows again, as You had not intended to be like that since the number of women is here and there not rarely less than the number of men; here and there it is equal but very seldom are their numbers significantly greater than those of men.

63,7. But this ratio obviously contradicts the first, although by the mind approving need of nature; because if I allow polygamy then there are instantly a thousand men without wives, who are nevertheless able to procreate just as well as those who have many wives.

63,8. But if I do not allow polygamy, the man who is able to procreate on a nearly daily basis, can only procreate once a year, what however seems in stark contradiction with the nature of a man. - O Lord, regarding this subject I want to have above all a true light!”

63,9. And the Lord replied to Lamech: "Behold, this is quite a good and truly wise question, and a complete answer to this question may not be missing from a true leader of so many people; and thus listen, I want to give you on your wise question a right answer:

63,10. See, if polygamy would be in My order, I would certainly at the beginning already, when I created Adam as the first man of the earth, who is still alive on the heights until this hour and will live for many more years, also created for this first person three hundred and sixty odd wives, so that he would be able to apply his daily ability to procreate!

63,11. But see, I created for him only one woman, and in the same ratio I still give, even to this hour, for every one male only one female; and from this you can quite easily come to the good conclusion that for every man only one woman is provided by Me despite the man’s copious ability to procreate.

63,12. But concerning this, it is not given for the sake of quantitative procreation, but only for the sake of qualitative procreation; and as such a man can procreate with a woman thus fewer, but more stronger children, while with quantitative procreations only the largest and most immature weaklings can be produced.

63,13. Because every seed will only bring forth a bad or no fruit at all, if it is not first brought to full maturity.

63,14. This is also the case with people, even more so where the awakening of the most precious fruit is concerned.

63,15. Thus it stays with only one woman, and it is sufficient, if she matures only one fruit every three years. - Do you understand this?"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-63 Chapter