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Chapter 64

64,1. And Lamech, overjoyed by this very important lecture, asked further and said to the Lord:

64,2. "O Lord and Father, such must be right; I can see it now very clearly that in accordance with Your holy order, man should have only one wife.

64,3. But during Your holy teaching another point occurred to me, which at least apparently seen from a certain spiritual-moral point of view, might for many provide the reason for polygamy.

64,4. I, an appointed leader by You, from the limited sphere of my knowledge could not find the word to denote the reason for it as completely wrong! That is why I want to present this dangerous point to You without the slightest restriction; because You have so graciously allowed me to speak, and therefore I want to speak in front of You, what my limited knowledge will give me!"

64,5. And the Lord said by interrupting Lamech a little: "You are right, to do this; but don’t make too many words and preliminary excuses because time is precious, and in addition I am not like a foolish man, to whom one must speak with a thousand prefaces until he comprehends something!

64,6. Therefore do not make a lot of ado and always come straight to the point; for I know already for quite a long time, what you are going to ask me now! Therefore it is indeed easy for you to talk to Me because with Me you can assume that I most certainly will understand you from the very bottom.

64,7. Thus tell Me your still questionable point - but without explanatory circumstances which, at least I, do not need to understand a discourse! Thus, just keep on talking boldly!"

64,8. And Lamech, a little humbled by this short verbal rebuke, presented very briefly his point in question and said:

64,9. "The man has a sense, whereby he not only embraces just one but many women; and this feeling is a real glutton. For if someone already had two, three and even more of the most beautiful women, but came to a place where there are another one-hundred beautifully shaped women, behold, it soon urges him mightily to also possess those hundred women!

64,10. However, on the other hand, man is not his own creator but only You are; why then such a drive in him, which, according to Your order, is not allowed to be realized? Man has not given himself such a dangerous drive?!”

64,11. And the Lord replied to this: “Behold, here the abundance of feelings is very much the same as it is the case with the quantitatively provision for procreation.

64,12. The feeling which expresses itself as a powerful drive or pull in the heart, is also an abundant ability to procreate, but only in the spirit.

64,13. But if the man is a horny person and scatters his seed on the streets and backroads, tell Me, if such a fundamentally weakened man with his diluted ability to procreate, will ever be able, even with a well-fertile woman, to produce a fruit in the right measure?

64,14. See, he will not! Because from grape marc one cannot presses spiritual juice anymore.

64,15. It is the same with the abundance of feelings: The man should accumulate his feelings in his heart and then turn to Me; and once he gained the right strength of maturity, he then will find in Me, the primal cause of all things and thus also of all still so beautiful women, the most adequate and most satisfying substitute and will then be able, with this powerful feeling, to love a woman with all the righteous strength, and his neighbours wife will never bother him.

64,16. But also know this, that in this world everything in man is a property to be developed for an endless sublime eternal purpose; therefore he should refrain from making a premature silly use of these in himself perceived powers, until they reached full maturity.

64,17. But just like the fruits of the earth mature only in the light of the sun, also the spiritual powers of man mature in My light only.

64,18. Therefore, everyone should focus his powers on Me, and he will become a completely mature, powerful person in My order. But who does not do it, is himself guilty of his own death. - Do you understand that?”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-64 Chapter