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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-65 Chapter

Chapter 65

65,1. When asked, however, whether he understood what the Lord had explained to him, he said: "O Lord, how should I not understand it, since You as the light of all light, the sun of suns shines through me like the morning sun a trembling dewdrop, which on the tip of a grass leaflet is gently swang by an exhilarating morning breath?!

65,2. The droplet is like me an insignificant fleeting object in Your endless great series of creations; but once it is there, it absorbs the sun in itself just as my eye and shines in its close vicinity just like a small sun and refreshes with its light its small surrounding, its small world, like a wise person refreshes his still less wise brothers.

65,3. And so I believe to be like such a dew droplet. I am illuminated by Your light, and have understood You insofar it is possible for me given my creaturely insignificance before You, great, almighty Creator and to the extent Your almighty holy will allows me to; and I also think now in this Your light in me that I, with Your mercy, will be able to refresh this my surroundings manifold.

65,4. But that I want to say thereby: 'Lord, I have fully grasped Your radiant words', I surely would then be regarded a far greater fool, than to state in all seriousness that a dew droplet have adsorbed the actual sun in itself, because it reflects colorful shimmering the sun’s light.

65,5. You, o Lord will know best how much I lack to fully comprehend Your sacred words; therefore I beg You: enlighten me according to my needs!"

65,6. And the Lord commended Lamech for his beautiful answer and the good speech, in which a lot of wisdom is based, and after such commendation, directed the following words to him:

65,7. "The droplet, however, with which you compare yourself, is not so insignificant and not so evanescent as you might think.

65,8. Behold, the dew droplet lives, gives life to its small world and as a life-giver this itself perfecting life will be absorbed by an already higher standing life grade, where it forms part of a more powerful acting soul, which soul then never dies but always grows and silently moves progressively through the rows of being, until it reaches its destination, to take in higher rays from the sun, which now hot lovingly shines on you!

65,9. You have heard from the wisdom of Farak: But when God had formed the first man from the clay of the earth, He breathed a living soul into his nostrils, and the man became a living soul before God, his Creator.

65,10. Behold, this breath still breezes constantly over and through the whole earth which altogether represents itself rejuvenated in Adam, and awakens at all times countless living souls for future people!

65,11. And behold, these people are the purpose of the dew droplet; only in them it is enabled, to take in higher rays precisely in the way as it is now the case with you, to take in from the sun of eternal life, which can not be imbibed by any other series of being anymore.

65,12. Thus also the whole earth is as a human being, and its constituent are the souls, which once, bound with My spirit, were already there. But they did not succeeded the trials and therefore are now renewed ripened in the large womb of the earth, to be awakened to a new life through My breath.

65,13. Such you will hardly understand; but it this not really necessary for life.

65,14. But if you want more information about it to your pious, you have the right to ask. And so you can ask what you want, and I want to enlighten you in every corner of your life! But if you ask, do not make a lot of words! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-65 Chapter