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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-66 Chapter

Chapter 66

66,1. But when Lamech heard such words from the mouth of the Lord, he hit himself on the chest and said:

66,2. "O Lord, now Lamech has become mute in his mind and knows nothing more to say or to ask; because You have touched on a too mysterious and most deepest hidden matter, in which my snail eye is not able to look.

66,3. And verily true, I shudder now before Your endless depth of wisdom and have therefore no longer the courage to ask You about anything! Because You could give me an even deeper answer and I would perish before You and before the entire nation! Therefore, someone else should ask You something instead of me!

66,4. It is in itself the most pleasant and the greatest to be taught by You, the Creator Himself, about Your great miracles of creation; but if You, O Lord, places Your still quite blind creature in the most glaring rays of Your infinite mightiest strongest light too quickly, one only feels too painfully one’s own lack of light.

66,5. To know that one in every aspect is a pure nothing against You, is bearable; but to vividly feel it in Your most almighty brightest light, is unbearable. Therefore, I do not dare to ask You for something any longer because I only realize my absolute nullity before You."

66,6. And the Lord said to Lamech: "Listen, this is precisely the actual main reason as to why I reveal to you deeply hidden things, so that you should become humiliated with all your heart and take prisoner all your wisdom and insights and place it before My feet!

66,7. For as long as you want to flaunt with even a smallest spark of your own wisdom, you can not enter into My wisdom; and if I would force it upon you, it would destroy you like an ignited rock salt destroys everything that surrounds it.

66,8. Therefore you first have to stand absolutely ethereal cleaned before Me through your humiliation, prior you being able to bear My light in you.

66,9. Behold, this temple is indeed built for the wisdom out of Met; but it could not be built on this pure mountain top until it was purified from all unclean vermin.

66,10. In the same manner may also My living temple of My wisdom not be built in you, until you have not completely cleaned your own wisdom mountain in you.

66,11. Rejoice therefore, when My light is starting to pressure you; because then you are close to hand everything which belongs to you, to Me and in exchange to receive in you what is Mine!

66,12. Behold, this matter of the spirit is similar to the teeth, which are actually the symbol of wisdom:

66,13. The milk teeth which the child obtained with pain, must somewhat painfully be destroyed again when the strong adult teeth start to grow; because they were only road makers for the adult teeth.

66,14. In the same way also all your former wisdom must give way before you can absorb Mine, forever mighty!

66,15. And therefore you can courageously keep on asking Me and humble yourself in My light, so that you can become capable of accepting My pure light in you! But I see that you have understood Me quite well now; thus dare to ask Me something again! Therefore ask whatever you want and I will answer you! Amen.»

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-66 Chapter