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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-67 Chapter

Chapter 67

67,1. After this very deep and alive tuitionally speech of the Lord, Lamech was motivated again and said to the Lord whom he loved now above all:

67,2. "O Lord and most holy Father, if this is so, I want to ask You all my life and I will not be afraid anymore, if You, to humiliate me, give me even the deepest answers!

67,3. And as such I’m ready with, in my opinion, a very important question! If You, O Lord, want to hear it, I then will release it at once!"

67,4. And the Lord said to him in a very gentle tone: "Why do you always want a threefold permission before daring to speak?

67,5. I say to you, speak! Because in My speech I already have told you that you can ask whatever you want, and I will enlighten you about it! Why should there be a second and third permission required?! Thus just speak as your heart and tongue tells you to!"

67,6. These words opened Lamech’s mouth entirely and at once he came up with the following question by saying:

67,7. "Lord, You were since eternity perfect and endless good in Your being and that through Your entire being and except for You there was forever nothing in Your entire infinity except You alone.

67,8. But when You wanted to create angels, heavens and worlds and people, You did not need any substances but Your almighty will, coupled to Your most wisest, most holiest exalted ideas and thoughts, was and always will be forever the sole reason of Your whole infinite creation.

67,9. But since it is impossible for me to think that in You ever could have taken place a bad idea or even a remotely evil thought, I would like to know from You, from where the actual evilness of Satan and thus also the spite and bad in us humans came from. From where the sin, from where the anger, from where envy, from where revenge, from where the lust for power and from where harlotry?"

67,10. And the Lord replied to Lamech: "My dear Lamech, although this your question sounds very sublime but let Me tell you: it is very human!

67,11. I nevertheless want to give you an answer and solve your question, although you secretly thought to have given Me a question that even I would have a little trouble in answering and thus listen:

67,12. In My countenance bundle absolutely nothing evil exists but only differences in the effect of My will; and this is in hell as in heaven, in creating as in destroying equally good.

67,13. But in the countenance bundle of the creatures only one can be considered and put as good, this means: the ratio part of affirmation only can be considered and put as good, under which the creature can exist next to Me and in Me and that is the sustaining or continuously creating part of Me, - but the resolutionary or destructive ruling powerful part is viewed as evil by the creature because in it next to Me and in Me can not be thought existable.

67,14. In Me, thus, the Yes as well as the No is equally good; because in the Yes I create and in the No I manage and arrange everything.

67,15. But for the creature only the Yes is good and evil the No and this for as long until such time it has not become completely one with Me in the Yes, where it then can also exist in the No.

67,16. Therefore for Me there exist no Satan and no hell - but it exist in view of himself and the people of this world because here it is about the education of my children.

67,17. There exist countless other worlds on which one does not know Satan and therefore also not the No but only the Yes in its relationships.

67,18. Behold, this is how things stand! The earth is a nursery and as such there is always a lot of shouting and blind hubbub; but I look at it with different eyes than you, a person of this world.

67,19. Do you understand this? - Tell Me how much of it you comprehend! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-67 Chapter