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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-69 Chapter

Chapter 69

69,1. After such encouragement from the Lord's side, Lamech’s disposition became freer and he said:

69,2. "Yes, so it is and will remain true forever: The creature can never become an uncreated God but also God can never become a created creature!

69,3. God lives forever free out of Himself and the creature only subject through God and from God; but once the creature is there and lives, it lives indeed in its own way a divine life since eternally there exists nowhere another life than the only one life out of God.

69,4. If, however, it is a life out of the eternal life of God, it can not possibly be otherwise than also be forever.

69,5. My life can therefore only be a particle of the eternal infinite life of God Himself, otherwise it would be no life at all; but since it is such a particle, it must be equal to that of which it is a particle, thus eternal, forward and backward looking. Because I can not think that in Your fullness of life there can exist older and younger particles of life!

69,6. My conclusion is now this: I was, o Lord, forever a life in You but bound in Your endless fullness of life; but at one stage it had pleased You to place this my life particle free out of Yourself, and thus I am now a liberated life-particle out of You forever, just as I formerly was since eternity unfree in You by myself but nevertheless a totally free life united with Your endless life!

69,7. Lord and Father, did I spoke right or was I wrong in any way?”

69,8. And the Lord said: "No, Lamech, this time your judgment is perfectly good and true and correct; of which you can be fully assured out of My mouth!

69,9. It is as you have said it right now and as such we are from eternity just that, - with the only difference according to which I am the eternal totality, but you are only one small particle of this infinite totality in and out of Me.

69,10. For this surely must be right that every person’s thoughts must be as old as he is old himself; but it depends on when a person thinks them or so to speak frees them in his mind.

69,11. But if such takes place, the person has so to speak created and shaped them, often also actively serving outside of himself and these ideas are then standing there like free beings, although they are still bound to the creator, that is, to the person who thought them.

69,12. Behold, it is indeed between us the case! I am the man of all men and you people are all together My thoughts, thus My life because the thoughts, the free thoughts, are the actual life in Me, thus as they are in you, since you all are created entirely according to My likeness!

69,13. But as My eternal thoughts you can indeed be impossibly younger than Myself; and so you, Lamech, as said, has derived it perfectly right this time!

69,14. This is thus right; but there still holds a big secret here and it presents itself quite mightily in the question: How and in what way, however, can the Creator put His thoughts as His eternal life particles outside of Himself as perfect, free, self-conscious, living beings, so that they are as you are now before Me and can talk to Me as if you were a second eternal God beside Me?

69,15. Lamech, behold, up to now you have asked Me; but now I ask you! Search within you for an answer to this My question; because it must lie within you, just like you surely have the creaturely in you! Think, and answer Me then! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-69 Chapter