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Chapter 7 - Mira's fruitless and gruff Invitation of the Fathers to the Meal in the Hut. God's Reminder to be humble. The repeated Invitation of the Fathers through Mira, and its Success.

1. Such instructions made our Mira very happy, and so she went out with quite serene courage and announced to the fathers that they, since the meal was ready, should enter the hut, according to the will of the Lord.

2. However, since Enoch was not present because he was still busy with the women at quite a distance, Lamech said to Mira: "Behold, Enoch is not finished yet, and without him we cannot enter the hut, since he is our spiritual elder?!"

3. And Mira replied to Lamech: "Well, that is quite somthing something! Is Enoch more than the Lord? I think that every person owes the Lord more obedience than to any person; Enoch will surely know what he has to do!

4. I have given my instructions to you, and that is enough; I cannot drag you into the hut, and the Lord has also not instructed me to do so! - Therefore, do what you want; I am free and go back into the hut!"

5. But Lamech called her back and said to her: "Listen, you my most beautiful morning child, you're a little snippy! How about - since you have such hasty feet - that you, rather than immediately run back into the hut, quickly rush over to Enoch and tell him what you have just told us?!"

6. And Mira replied: "Ah, just look at all the things you want me to do! But I tell you: Nothing more! It is not good to serve two masters; the Lord has only sent me here!

7. But if Enoch is more important to you than the Lord, then your feet are twice as long as mine for all your demands, and therefore you can actually arrive at Enoch twice as fast as I could, I tell you!

8. But our conversation seems to me like thrashing empty Straw, whereby, at the end, nothing comes forth than grated, empty straw instead of bread grains; therefore I go - but you can do what you want!”

9. And Mira made a motion to go back into the hut. But Lamech prevented her again from doing so with a new question; and the question was this: "But Mira, you gracious pearl of the morning, if the Lord has sent you to call us, you will certainly not run back into the hut without us?! What will the Lord say when you return empty handed?

10. Will He not ask you ponderously and and say: ‘But Mira! How did you deliver My instructions to the fathers that no one wants to appear?!'

11. And if the Lord asks you this what will you tell Him as an excuse?"

12. And Mira replied to Lamech very briefly: "The Lord has not asked me to carry bring you into the hut, - but you only to invite you! And that is what I have done; but the success of this invitation is not my responsibility, - therefore I go!"

13. Now Adam came to Mira and said to her, delaying her once more: "Yes, my dear child, as long as you have not invited us arbitrarily - otherwise everything would be all right?!"

14. This even displeased Mira, and she said, "No, this is surely a great sin for all of you, if you, instead of following the will of the Lord, which was given to you through my mouth, only tease me! No, this is too much; I must tell the Lord of this at once! "

15. With that she jumped into the hut and was just about to begin complaining to the Lord about the fathers.

16. But the Lord cut her off and said to her: "Mira, why are you coming back alone? Where are the fathers?!”

17. Mira, at first a little embarrassed, said after a little while: "Oh, You my very best, holy, most loving Father, the fathers outside are quite pernicious and disobedient! I told them just as You instructed me to do, but they - no, I will not say it!"

18. And the Lord said: "But what is it then with them?”

19. And Mira said: "If you really want to know it, well, then You know italready anyway, without it being necessary to learn it from me!”

20. And the Lord said to her: "Behold, just now you admonished the fathers to be obedient, and now you want to disobey me to My face?! How does this make sense?”

21. But Mira said: "O Lord, You look into my heart, where there is no disobedience towards you!"

22. And the Lord replied to her: "Behold, I know that you are a pure being! Nevertheless, you still have talked a little too harshly to the fathers; it is therefore that they made you understand, that a girl should never talk to them in this manner, but always in utmost humility! Therefore, go out again and invite them, - then they will follow you!"

23. Mira again went out and conveyed the invitation to the fathers, and soon they heeded this new call; and since Enoch had also finished talking to the women, he was at the forefront of the fathers and lead them all into the hut.

24. And Adam fell to the feet of the Lord and thanked Him for such great mercy; because once the fathers had stepped into the hut, they all knew and saw how it was written in the depths, and they praised and glorified the Father from the depth of their life for it.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-7 Chapter