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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-70 Chapter

Chapter 70

70,1. Lamech was mightily taken aback by this question and did not know what to do. Should he in all earnesty begin to seek an answer to this question which can only be answered by the Creator Himself or should he view this so highly put question only as a good humiliation which the Lord allowed happening to him because he perhaps has expressed himself a little too high before the Lord in the earlier discussion?

70,2. For some time Lamech floated back and forth between these two ideas and therefore remained completely silent and thus stayed with the required response in the background.

70,3. But the Lord knew quite well why Lamech said nothing and therefore said to him: "Listen, My dear son Lamech! How long will you let Me then wait for a response?

70,4. You have spoken truly deep wise in your earlier deliberation, so much so that such a speech would not have dishonored a most deep thinking Cherub; and yet I have not asked you such beforehand but only gave you the unconditional right to ask.

70,5. But now that I gave you through My question a legitimate opportunity to let your profound wisdom run free, you are silent like a mouse smelling the cat and do not want to talk about what could redound a great honor for you!

70,6. What is it then? Were you suddenly left stranded by your ingenuity or do you not dare to come forward with the found answer since you yourself can not fully vouch for its competency?

70,7. Thus speak so that we can learn from you what you think is your problem!"

70,8. And Lamech gathered himself in his spirit upon this quite pressing conditional preface of the Lord and spoke with a very embarrassed voice:

70,9. "O Lord, now it is as clear to me as the sun that the terrible question which You put to me is not really an answerable question but only a very loud wake-up call for my wanna be shimmering wisdom foolishness!

70,10. I can only thank You, O Lord, and most loving Father, from the deepest bottom of my heart which loves You now above everything, everything, everything; because I can see it now clearer and clearer that in a certain way I wanted to shine a little with my foolishness before You and Enoch, as if I also would be a wise man, of whom at least Enoch had to say that he is a formidable wise man!

70,11. But this Your holy question has shown me my folly in full and I beg You to forgive me this my great folly and also want to ask You o dear, holy Father, since You already have brought up such a sacred question, to also answer it graciously, so that the answer should pious us according to Your holy will; and if it cannot do this according to Your highest wisest insight, I will nevertheless try to lively thank You anyway from the depth of my heart for Your non-answer!"

70,12. But the Lord replied to Lamech and said, "Listen, my dear son Lamech, this narrative of your weakness I like incomparable better than your earlier deliberation about the life-homogeneous relationship between Creator and creature, although it was actually right since I gave it to you to speak like this, to purify your heart and to show you what true wisdom is, namely humility, according to which man realizes that out of himself he can achieve absolutely nothing, but with Me everything.

70,13. But now, in order to convince you, I will put the great answer in your heart and it will become clear to you how man out of Me before Me and all of the world can speak as if out of himself!

70,14. And so be it then and you may now begin to speak! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-70 Chapter