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Chapter 71

71,1. And Lamech began immediately to speak at a leisurely pace and said: "The question, if I am not mistaken, read as follows:

71,2. How and in what way, however, can the Creator place His thoughts as His eternal life particles out of Himself as entirely free, self-conscious living beings, so that they are what I am now before You, O Lord, and can talk to You as if I was a second eternal God next to You?

71,3. That would be the question! This is true - that I recognize as clear as daylight; but the answer, the very difficult answer, has not yet come together with the question to the light of the world.

71,4. But I now see something in me: they are great thoughts! - Through chaos they squirm to the fore like individual stars which also sometimes in a heavily clouded night in a similar way break through and then look down softly and gentle through the torn cloud crevasses, onto the dark surface of the earth.

71,5. O thoughts, o thoughts, you wonderful small-creations of my spirit! What extraordinary forms are you? You powerfully fill my chest; stars press against stars and illuminated forms against forms, and my soul becomes freer and freer!

71,6. Now the nightly clouds in my chest move away and whereto they move, they encounter mighty streams of light and the light streams are absorbing the retreating clouds and the absorbed clouds are becoming light themselves and in the streams they turn to forms, - yes, they are becoming wonderful, glorious forms indeed!

71,7. O, now I see an abundance of light forms in me, which indescribably and innumerably flowing into each other like the bright shimmering ephemeris (mayflies) on a beautiful summer day when the sun is beginning to go under, or if it rises and begins to greet the deeper lying valley floors with its most glorious rays for the first time!

71,8. Yes, and so I see the great answer clearly in me now; but how possible should I express this in words?!

71,9. But what discover I pathetic fool now?! The forms transform themselves according to my will!

71,10. Behold, I want people like me and they form according to my will! And I see how they are from one light atom to another light atom of my thoughts; and my will holds them in my own form and want that they live and they live like me and move freely because I want it like that.

71,11. But I see myself according to my will in a completely similar form like they among them and this my own form speaks what I think and I speak in this my original size.

71,12. And all the other forms in a perfect human form throng to this my form among them and listen to it and talk to it in a manner of their own constitution which I breathed into them through my will!

71,13. But I find great joy in these forms and it is my will to preserve them all with my will. But this joy is a powerful love for these forms in me; I love them!

71,14. And behold, from my form flames shoot out like lightning flashes and these flashes penetrate the chests of the many forms! And the forms begin to move themselves, look at each other and recognize themselves; and I see that they do with each other all kinds of things, that I no longer want!

71,15. O Lord, what a great miracle is this now in me! If I only I had the answer already!"

71,16. And the Lord said to Lamech: "I say to you: you do not need it any more; because you have already given it!

71,17. Because it is as you have seen it now in you, - but of course, perfectly realized with Me, what with you was only a temporary, fleeting image!

71,18. But to speak more about it would be a purposeless babble because the creature can understand the Creator’s power figuratively but never in reality.

71,19. But you still have another question in the background; and thus reveal it to us! Amen.»

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-71 Chapter