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Chapter 72

72,1. But when Lamech heard such new invitation from the Lord, according to which he could still come up with another question, although it had already begun significantly to dawn in the east, he was overjoyed and without much hesitancy he came up with the following question, saying:

72,2. "O Lord, You holy and most loving Father and Creator of all angels and people! See, life on earth as trial of the spirit would in and of itself serve its sublime purpose quite well, if only one most unpleasant matter would not be coupled to it; this matter, however, is the ability to feel terrible pain!

72,3. Why must this body be able to feel pain? Why must cause it me pain if I bump into something, or if I fell somewhere or if I cut, pinch or prick myself? Why must so often develop very annoying pains in the body? Why does the fire burn me so unbearable and why must the woman give birth under such great pain?

72,4. Behold, O You dear, holy Father, I absolutely can not tolerate this in the sphere of life with this my recognition and would like therefore to know from You, the Creator, the reason for this sad phenomenon!

72,5. For I presume with great confidence that the life of the spirit is completely without pain. Therefore the life of the body could in a similar manner also be surely completely without pain! - Am I right or not?

72,6. And the Lord, looking at Lamech very compassionately, said to him: "Listen, My son Lamech, this time you have not even have the semblance of truth and rightfulness on your side!

72,7. Tell Me in your mind: Would any form of life even conceivable if it was not receptive of impressions of all kinds? if you had no feeling, would you still be alive?

72,8. But lets assume hypothetically that man perceives all impressions as pleasant, for example such as the act of procreation. Would man not begin soon to destroy himself by continually bump, beat, stab, cut and burn himself and within one year there would be no limbs left on the whole of his body?!

72,9. Without any sensation - whether pleasant or painful, is only absolute death.

72,10. Thus pain is indeed life's biggest benefactor and most trustworthy protector, without which life could in no way be imagined to exist.

72,11. Moreover, you were given a painless body anyway! If you maintain it according to My order and are attentive while lying down, sitting, standing, walking and running, you will be going through life completely without pain; and if you are moderate in eating and drinking, you will also be spared any inner pain; and if you do not apply yourself too much to the works of the flesh, you will never know what there is a pain in the limbs!

72,12. Pain, however, is indeed the most real attribute of life, without which you would have no senses! It is the actual sensation and perception of love; and if this is getting out of its order, it feels this in the nature of pain but the order always as a very pleasant feeling.

72,13. Therefore never wish away pain; for it is your life’s most faithful guard and once also will become the contractor and collector and total savior of the life of your spirit.

72,14. But to the extent also the purest spirits are unable to experience pain or not, a spirit will inform you at once! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-72 Chapter