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Chapter 74

74,1. And straightway Zuriel began to address the following words to Lamech and said to him: "Brother Lamech in the Lord, our almighty Creator and most holy and most loving Father! Behold, I have, so to speak, demonstrated it to you tangibly before - while in a spiritual state - that the spirit has a really mighty strong sensibility for spiritual impressions which in effect resemble very much the natural reaction, but not so in meaning!

74,2. But you still don’t know yet wherein your spiritual painful feeling has its reason. But that you also may understand such most clearly, I will tell you most faithfully according to the will of the Lord, and so hear me out!

74,3. See, you feel the impressions of the world because you live in it, either painful or soothing and pleasant; painful then, if the impressions are surpassing the powers dwelling inside you and soothing and pleasant if the impressions are felt in such a way that they do not exceed your inherent powers but correspond harmoniously with them.

74,4. If the impressions are weaker, so that your powers behave as by far conquering them, you will notice them quite indifferently, because you will find that your inherent powers have necessarily been activated in a below capacity counter state.

74,5. For only in a your strength harmonically corresponding reaction against the impressions from the outside lies the pleasant feeling which is also the very essence of all bliss.

74,6. Now, behold, if you feel any pain in your body, it is not felt by your body but only by your spirit, who alone has the ability of sensibility!

74,7. That you, however, feel pain as if it is felt by your body, has its reason therein, because your spirit dwells in all your body parts in a completely corresponding manner.

74,8. If, however, your spirit or your very actual I, can be exceedingly strongly excited by the coarse material body through external impressions, since it is as thoroughly as possible covered and protected from all sides, it will be even more excitable in a still completely absolute state!

74,9. But why? - Because the spirit in a completely absolute state reverts to the corresponding interaction with the ground forces and must perceive their strength even from a great distance, both in time and space, because without such awareness it could very easily get into an unredeemable captivity, in which it might have to endure exceedingly significant and by far worse experiences than you experienced during my my handshake!

74,10. If the spirit is imperfect, thus not fully developed and practiced in its senses of perception, it is still blind and deaf to the form and voice of the truth, and its absolute state will under any circumstances not be desirable because in such a state it will not be able to dodge the billowing impressions on him at the right time or to encounter them vigorously.

74,11. But of course, with a perfect spirit this is all together quite differently; since he is always united with Him, - who is sitting next to you!

74,12. Because He prepares the powers of the spirit in such a way, so that it is always well dimensioned against all impressions and excitations, through which then only an everlasting most blessed feeling of pleasantness can arise, but never a feeling of pain.

74,13. Note these words well; they will lead you into the deepest mysteries of life with the eternal love and grace of the Lord!

74,14. O Lord, I have fulfilled Your will with Your grace; so let me then go again in peace!"

74,15. The Lord then instructed Zuriel to withdraw but called on Enoch to speak some deep words about it.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-74 Chapter