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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-75 Chapter

Chapter 75

75,1. When Enoch heard such a request from the Father outwardly as well as inwardly, he rose and standing in front of Lamech he began to speak:

75,2. "Brother Lamech, very important and highly significant are the words which the spirit Zuriel has spoken to you in a human manner and I can’t give you a better word in this sphere!

75,3. But I know what it is, if the Spirit speaks in a human manner; but you do not know that because you are still sticking to the tongue and not the spirit.

75,4. And as such I therefore want to gently carry you over, according to the most holy will of our so very dear and holy Father, from the tongue to the spirit, where you then yourself can look and understand, how life in the spirit presents itself! Therefore listen to me in your heart!

75,5. Behold, when two winds blow against each other, where one is as strong as the other, a balance is thereby achieved in the air and a pleasant rest prevails on the earth's surface; the air becomes clear - and pure, and the sun’s rays can unhindered enlighten the countryside and warm it up with its unclouded light.

75,6. But if after the balance one wind is unexpectedly intensified and its opponent becomes weaker, then the stronger one starts immediately to forcefully push forward and in this way also drags and shoves mercilessly the weaker wind with it.

75,7. But for as long the weaker wind every here and there is attempting to master the more powerful wind, for as long it must put up with it, to be pushed and shoved around by the more powerful wind until finally it is nevertheless defeated; but if it gives up at once, then all pushing and shoving has ceased, - but thereby also the existence of the weaker wind!

75,8. You now say to yourself: 'Yes, but why does the Lord allows this to happen? For Him, the Almighty, it would be very easily possible to prevent such a fight!'

75,9. You're quite right; since for God are all things possible. But if He would not permit the forces to fight against each other, they finally would go limp and would lie dead on the ground just like the stones of the mountains, which in and of itself are nothing else than such forces but in the highest degree judged and bound and therefore are immobile and therefore completely dead and have no sensibility.

75,10. See, it is the same with the life of man! In his organs it blows back and forth. The spirit blows into matter and wants to drag it along; matter or the world blows in matter as the blood and the other finer juices and they in turn blow into the spirit and want to carry it away with itself.

75,11. If the spirit is more powerful than matter, it urges it and makes it totally subservient to itself; but if matter conquers the spirit, the spirit goes under and as the actual life suffers severely and very painfully, continually carrying the most oppressive burden of death and this is then the spiritual death.

75,12. However, if the spirit in such a death would became numb, it would thereby be lost forever beyond redemption; but the ever-increasing painful sensation of pressure forces it to continually defend itself and to fight matter. Thereby, however, its powers are exercised and constantly strengthened.

75,13. And in this way, over the length of time, it can still become a perfect winner over its matter and may also reach the freedom of eternal life, just as the matter of the stone over time is crushed through its in it dormant and suffering heaviness and finally is compelled to give way to heaviness in a dissolved state, when this force is freed again and becomes one with the general force, to which all matter is subject to, - which is also the case with the wind, where the vanquished finally is victorious over the previous winner."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-75 Chapter