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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-76 Chapter

Chapter 76

76,1. After these words Enoch asked Lamech: "Brother Lamech, do you understand these my words?”

76,2. And Lamech replied: "Yes, brother Enoch, the Lord all praise, all glory and honor and all thanks and all my love! So far, nothing appeared in your speech, which I did not immediately grasp from the ground of grounds; but should there be something left to be discussed regarding the ability of pain of the spirit and what pain actually is in and of itself, I ask you, beloved brother, to talk about it a little more, because your words are clear and refresh myself immensely!"

76,3. Such remark from the side of Lamech pleased the Lord as well as Enoch, and the Lord indicated to Enoch, to continue talking. And Enoch directed the following words to Lamech, saying:

76,4. "Lamech, my beloved brother, behold, every relationship in which and through which we all actually live has three sides: one is the natural-human side, the second the spiritual-human, and the third the divine-human side.

76,5. The first two are comprehensible for us, but the third never ever; it is infinite because it is purely divine. But we are finite beings and therefore can impossibly see and touch the endless depths and heights of God.

76,6. For this reason, a human being, even if he is wise out of God, can answer two questions about his own nature and its relationships; but the third question he will never ever be able to answer. Because its answer lies hidden in the ineffable and eternally incomprehensible depth of God and we will never ever completely decipher it!

76,7. For this reason, there is very little left to discuss from our side regarding the pain ability of the spirit!

76,8. But I’m of the opinion that we know about it just enough as it is necessary for us to know; the third part, however, we will for ever leave to the Lord.

76,9. We know from experience that the spirit as the basic principle of life in man, can contain only the self-consciousness, hence the lively feeling and sensibility and thus also the pain ability!

76,10. Since we have and know this now fully alive and thoroughly, we also have perfectly enough and can easily arrange our lives accordingly so that we for ever will have nothing to do with the unpleasant pain ability.

76,11. But concerning the third side of this living property of the spirit - what in and of itself is pain or sensation, or what there is in its primordial ground the life-force - that, brother, as I said, we leave to Him whose most holy visible presence so abundantly blesses and revives us all now!

76,12. I mean, more words about it would probably be superfluous and therefore lets thank Him for what we have so exceedingly graciously received from Him and certainly will receive even more! - Yes, so be it forever! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-76 Chapter