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Chapter 77

77,1. When Enoch had finished these words and the sun was very close to appear on the horizon, Lamech got up, went before the Lord, fell on his knees and began to worship Him with all the fire of his love and thanked Him for all the immeasurable graces, gifts and mercies and asked the Lord with all the love-heat of his heart that He should remain with him and not henceforth disappear and become invisible again.

77,2. But the Lord also got up and said to Lamech: "Arise, my beloved son Lamech! I only look at your heart, and not at your knees; if this is in order, then the rest of the body is too. But your heart is now in the most perfect order; thus also your body!

77,3. But I now have great joy over you and therefore consecrate you as high priest of this temple.

77,4. During this night I showed you the manifold degrees of true inner wisdom from Me, and this visible temple, built by your insight and hand, has thereby become a temple of wisdom, in which man of this earth should always remember that I, the Creator of heaven and the world, have taught you Myself at this place and have rested with you on the steps of the altar, and have thereby made and dedicated the steps, on which man should realize his nothingness before Me in utter tranquility of his spirit; and if he has done such, he then has given to Me in this temple a justified and pleasing sacrifice, in the same manner as you have now brought Me a sacrifice from the fiery bottom of your heart!

77,5. But now that all these things are happening before your eyes and before the eyes of the people of whom most have been awake with us through the night, but they still do not know who I am and from where I am, I now say to you: When the first rays of the sun will begin to redden the mountain crests, you then go to the threshold of the open temple and announce it to the people openly that I am here.

77,6. And add to such announcement to the people: That they should gather around the temple; however, no one should put his foot in the temple!

77,7. And I will then Myself give the people, from the temple, an important lesson, who have followed Me here with love and great curiosity, while still not recognizing Me, and therefore will follow Me in the spirit even more intimately, if they are going to recognized Me!

77,8. Behold, it is already very bright in the east; therefore collect yourself for your first task that you will perform for Me in this temple!

77,9. But I'm telling you because you asked Me to stay henceforth with you: Where there is a faithful servant of the Lord, also the Master will not be far away; and where the children are, there is also the Father!

77,10. You will always find Me on these steps; even if you will not always see Me with the eyes of your body, you nevertheless will always hear My living Word!

77,11. Behold, this is a great promise! But go now to carry out your instructions! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-77 Chapter