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Chapter 79

79,1. On this good informative announcement Lamech went back to the center of the temple and said in the greatest love-awe to the Lord:

79,2. "Holy Father, see, as far as it is possible for a great sinner like me, I have related to the brothers outside Your most holy will!

79,3. O Father, graciously accept this my imperfect work as if it meant something to You and may your eternal most highest and most sacred love and wisdom always mend my coarse blunders before You, which I have committed against You and against the poor brothers and sisters!"

79,4. Here, the Lord interrupted Lamech and said to him: "Listen, My son Lamech, - who recognizes his mistakes like you, they have been taken from him a long time ago already, and he is standing in front of Me like a rising morning star, which is a bright shining messenger of the nearing rise of the sun! Thus also you're now and will remain henceforth!

79,5. But I say to you: You have spoken very well and fully according to My will to your brothers and sisters; therefore I want to go to them soon and I will reveal Myself to them as the Lord and Creator of heaven and of all the worlds and as the sole true and loving Father of all My true children!

79,6. But also you, My three beloved sons, go with Me, your eternal true Father, to the threshold of the temple and testify by your presence from Me, as I will testify about you that I, Myself, have chosen you out of many thousands and have placed you as fundamental leaders of all the people that surround you, both at the heights and also on the flat lands!

79,7. Only three tribes have I displaced, - about those you do not have to worry and they are Kahin, Meduhed and Sihin. All the other people, however, I, the Lord and truest Father, put into your hands, so that you can lead them steadfast on that pathway which forever and ever leads to the eternal imperishable, most freest and most blessed life of love in My love!

79,8. But do not worry about the three displaced tribes; because also to them I have given wise and just leaders who should guide their people to the threshold of the eternal, holy dwelling in which I care to live eternally in all the might and power of My love!

79,9. O you My three most dearest tenderlings, I am your true, eternal, holy, most loving Father! But behold: Just as I love you above all and you are more dear to Me and worth more than all the heavens and suns and worlds, in the same way also always love all your brothers and sisters; for they are all My children as you are!

79,10. Behold, I love you so much, that, if it was possible and necessary now, I would lay down My life, to give it to you forever!

79,11. Thus also love Me, your good Father and all My children for the sake of Me because I as the Father love them so much!

79,12. Do not judge them; for I will indeed not judge anyone, but give each one a freest life of love forever. This is My will; respect it henceforth!

79,13. But now follow Me to the threshold of the temple!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-79 Chapter