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Chapter 8

8,1. After all the fathers, the seven messengers and still other fathers and children from the region of the morning had offered the Father of all love and holiness, after the brightest contemplation of the depth, their praise and their worship from the innermost depths of their life, the Lord ask them to arise and showed them, according to His promise, that they should now for the first time should sit at the table in Purista’s hut and eat cooked food.

8,2. All rose and duly sat at the large table of the Lord; because the hut of Purista was not as small as there is in the present time a farmer’s hut or a hut in the Alps, but was so large that it contained sufficient space for about seventy thousand men. The building nevertheless was called hut, not because of its spaciousness but for the sake of its humility.

8,3. When all the fathers were thus seated at the large children’s table of the Holy Father in the hut and were all strengthened by the well-cooked meal, the Lord said to all: "Well the good order is now restored all over the world; therefore I’m again among you and bless in you and through My being’s visible presence, the whole world!

8,4. Since now a re-association between Me, My angels and the earth is re-established; that is why I had this joyful feast of boiled fruit be prepared, so that thereby for the whole world a monument is set, that I, the eternal Father of the children of this Earth, has become their God, their Lord and their true Father and that I have set up a covenant with them and that according to this covenant all of them should become my true children, as I want to be their most loving and holy Father forever.

8,5. I say now to all of you: If you will remain in this covenant, which is My love for you and your love for Me, the visible communion will continually exist between the earth and the heavens.

8,6. But if you will leave this covenant and shred this holy bond, the earth will sink back into its first depth again and the most thickest clouds will envelop the earth, through which no one will be able to see Me nor My heavens.

8,7. And if the earth in this condition will continue to sink and fall more and more, it will crash into its own judgement and I will not, until now, talk to her children as a Father full of love and gentleness, but as an eternal God I will fulminate My judgements in the fire of anger onto her!

8,8. And who will survive will have to wait for a long time until a new covenant of love is erected without bloodshed, and I will take My time during such new assembly, so that all nations should rather perish, until such bond is completely renewed!

8,9. If, however, this now concluded holy covenant from you, now my true children, will not be broken through a renewed transition the dead externality of the world, I will remain with you as you with Me and it will be on Earth as it is in the heavens, and there will also be no death among you, but as you all have seen how I have taken Sehel to Me and earlier Zuriel who fathered Ghemela, I will take all of you to Me and turn you in the spirit to mighty charity creators of all beings and all creatures in my endless regions of creation!

8,10. For where you see with your eyes at the firmament only one, there will be swimming in My eternal omnipotence countless worlds, all carriers of your kind; and behind the worlds are the endless dwellings in the spirit spiritually for the spirits, of which one contains more than the whole outer, endless, visible space can provide!

8,11. So now you can also see your eternal destiny and the easy way to reach it; but no one can take it until he has fully ripened out of My love.

8,12. But when I have called someone, the call will reveal him; he will be relieved from the heavy burden of the flesh, and will then immediately enter the great glory of the eternal, everlasting life of the spirit of love.

8,13. But so you may see what life is like in the spirit, I will entirely open to you the inner sight!

8,14. And so look at the three who have passed over and talk to them, so that you may see that your being in Me will forever never end, and also that the dragon has always been a big liar!

8,15. Thus talk to each other and allow yourself to be informed how the spirit lives most blessedly and free and prevails and reigns forever! Amen! "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-8 Chapter