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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-80 Chapter

Chapter 80

80,1. Upon these sacred words of the Lord, Enoch and both Lamechs went with Him to the threshold of the temple.

80,2. But when they arrived there, the Lord's robe turned whiter than freshly fallen snow of the high mountains and His face, His hands and feet were shining stronger than a thousand times the light of the sun!

80,3. But when the people saw such majesty of the earlier very simple wise man, they fell to the ground and shouted: "O Jehova Zebaoth, have mercy on us, and do not judge and punish us as we have deserved it and how we always have earned it through our evil thoughts, desires and actions! We are great and grave sinners before You! Therefore we cry out to You, since we have recognized You in Your endless glory and majesty, o Jehovah Zebaoth, for grace and mercy!"

80,4. Here the Lord withdrew His light of all light into Himself and then said to the terrified and trembling crowd: "Children, stand up; because I, Your God, Creator and Father, have not come to you, to judge and punish you but to awaken the right leaders for you, who should guide you in your weakness on the paths which lead to the true kingdom of eternal life! Therefore, stand up and do not be afraid of Me, your good Father who loves you above all!"

80,5. Here the whole crowd got up from the ground of the earth as if newly strengthened and looked with an astonished gaze at the Lord, whose face was now without splendor and of great kindness to look at and His robe went from a shining white to a sky blue color, and in silence they asked Him tacitly: "Are You the one whose endless mightyful light threw us to the ground, - or did You put an archangel in Your place?"

80,6. And the Lord opened again His most holy mouth and said to the people: "O children, why don’t you prefer to rather recognize Me, your Father, through My great love for you than by My light? - Is love then not more than light?

80,7. Behold, when I revealed Myself to you in My light, you all fell at once on to the ground of the earth as if you have been judged; but when I hid My light and turned with My love towards you, you started to doubt whether it is Me who previously stood brightly shining before you!

80,8. But I, the very same Lord, God and your Father say now to you, My children, that I’m not a representative of the Lord, but the Lord and your Father Himself and now tell you all about what I have done to your blessing alive in the spirit.

80,9. But this is what I have done: I have awakened wise teachers among you. Listen to them at all times and follow their counsel in all seriousness, as in laughter and in pain of life, and you will follow Me, and I'll be completely with you, in person and in spirit in those who I now have awakened for you!

80,10. Who of you will see and listen to those awakened for you by Me and will even follow their faintest blink of their enlightened eyes by Me, will completely see, hear and follow Me in person! For the awakened carry My body and My spirit alive!

80,11. Thereby I now bless you all; for henceforth you shall not see and hear Me other than in only those whom I have awakened for you.

80,12. You, Enoch, and also you, Lamech in the valley, and you, Lamech of the heights, it is you whom I make here one with Me, so that you always should testify of Me! I equip you with all the strength and power of My love; in this force act henceforth until the time of your release and until the crossing from this dwelling into the one where I Myself live forever. Amen."

80,13. After these words the Lord disappeared and all the people wept and sobbed and prayed to God.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-80 Chapter