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Chapter 81

81,1. For a hour of time there was a great silence among the people and also among the three great power gifted leaders.

81,2. But after that hour of time Lamech turned to Enoch and said to him: "Brother Enoch, since everything has been accomplished already according to the will and order of the Almighty and most loving Father and Creator of heaven and earth, I’m of the opinion that we just as well can move back to the city, where at once arrangements can be made to convey such most holy message to all the other cities!"

81,3. And Enoch replied to Lamech: "Yes, brother, such should still happen today; for salvation and the light of God can never come too early to the people! Thus, such your concern is most valuable and we thus want to make immediate arrangements to get all of us back to the city.

81,4. There is only one thing we still need to do as a visible testimony of the Lord’s presence here, so that also our descendants will be reminded that the Lord Himself has blessed this temple for the wisdom of the human spirit, and this one thing consists therein that we bring seven white stones - each the size of a human head - and place them in an immovable manner on the steps of the altar where the Lord has rested and taught us Himself through the whole night, the true, inner, holy wisdom of the spirit for an eternal, freest and most perfect life.

81,5. Behold, brother Lamech, this still must be done and we want then immediately go to the city to execute your exceedingly glorious good intentions!"

81,6. When Lamech heard such from Enoch, he immediately jumped with joy out of the temple, called at once on Mura and Cural who were also present and told them the wish of Enoch.

81,7. Both of them went immediately to a place of the mountain, where a lot of white stones were lying around which had not been used to build the temple, picked the seven most beautiful and purest and of equitable measure and brought them to Lamech and together with Lamech then also into the temple.

81,8. When such was accomplished, Enoch said to Lamech: "Behold, we are only five people! But for the testimony let another two men come in and each of these stones must then be inscripted with our seven name signs and only then be placed on the step of the altar.

81,9. But I will then touch the stones in the name of the Lord and henceforth a force will emanate from these stones through which all who will touch them, will for some time be overcome with wisdom!"

81,10. All of this took place at once. And this was the real origin of the ‘Stone of Wisdom ', and the power of this place was preserved according to My will up to the time of the prophets of Israel; and the mountain was the same on which Saul for a short period of time received the gift of prophecy and the people said then, when he came down from the mount: "What's that? Is also Saul among the prophets?"

81,11. But when the stones were placed it was also made known to all the people. And Lamech then loudly announced the withdrawal; and all then went from the mountain back to the city.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-81 Chapter