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Chapter 82

82,1. When arriving in the city, Lamech, after breakfast, made arrangements whereby still on the very same day the news of the great wonders of God were brought to all the other ten cities what was not too hard to accomplish since none of these cities was more than a short day trip from the capital, Hanoch, away and also because the roads to each city were constructed fairly straight.

82,2. After the messengers had been sent, Lamech with the help of Enoch, over the course of three days ordered everything in the city of Hanoch, by placing guards at the upper temple and even instructed Mura and Cural to build just below the temple on a small but large enough mountain ledge a moderately large house, and this almost unbelievable for you, of the inhabitants of the earth at that time, within the same three days.

82,3. Hanoch was now within a short period of time entirely organized according to My order and all the people had no other commandment than only that of love to God and the neighbor. And unchastity was preached as evil through which every person ruined his spirit and therefore also all its forces.

82,4. And in the same manner also many other ills were eradicated, however, not through sanctioned laws by the teachers of the people but only through wise teachings whereby the teacher showed the people in the clearest light, the evil consequences which necessarily must arise from it.

82,5. And over time, every man, becoming spiritually a little stronger and also every finer and reasonable woman, realized that the wise teaching of the teachers began to materialize alive in them.

82,6. And in this way these people lived for some time righteously through teachings alone, initially of course through teachers and then out of themselves, without laws.

82,7. Thus, wise education, was the cornerstone of the whole spiritual and stately well-being of the people.

82,8. But the following will show sadly, whereby, towards the deluge, humanity has so completely fallen away from Me, that they thereby, through their captured will, passed entirely over into the power of the big enemy of life.

82,9. But during the times after Lamech’s turnaround, both the heights as well as the depths were so perfect that there hardly even in the heavens, a better pure spiritual order could have been found as it existed at that time on earth.

82,10. When at that time even the snake would have submitted, the earth would have been converted back into the old Paradise; but the snake repented it soon that it had accepted My conditions only halfway, and so it soon began, according to its free will, to play its old, evil tricks again.

82,11. But if it had tested over a time of about seven hundred years humanity only for the good, thereafter its trials began to take on a completely different character; it became of an evil and increasingly more cunningly captive nature, and humanity allowed itself willfully to be caught! But the following will show all this sadly; therefore enough of it for the time being!

82,12. After the three important days, however, Enoch returned to the heights but this time he took Lamech and several respected men from Hanoch with him, so that they could get to know the primeval father Adam and primeval mother Eve; the government of the depths was meanwhile entrusted to Hored.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-82 Chapter