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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-83 Chapter

Chapter 83

83,1. Enoch, however, again chose the path, as already known - passes by at the most fateful cave.

83,2. When the caravan arrived there, Enoch paused for a little while and with a few words told Lamech what a great amazing oddity he and his former companions encountered in the Lord's presence during their first walk home.

83,3. Lamech was not little astonished by that; but his amazement did not last for one minute, when, with the most terrible roar, powerful flames erupted out of the cave.

83,4. Lamech was so horrified by it that he fell as if unconscious to the ground.

83,5. But Enoch went to him, picked him up and then said to him: "But brother Lamech, look at your companions! They have seen the same phenomenon as you are; but no one fell to the ground because of it! Initially a little terrified but now they look at this empty wind brawl with a very indifferent disposition! - Therefore do what your valiant companions do!"

83,6. These words brought Lamech back to his senses and he now also looked quite boldly at the ever increasing fire coming from the great cavern, which was one hundred man-heights high and at the bottom by seventy man-lengths wide.

83,7. After a while, however, Lamech said to Enoch: "Brother in the Lord, I mean, we will need to chose a different path if we want to arrive on the heights still today by natural means; because in my opinion it will be quite difficult to get by this ever-increasing and ever-growing sea of flames!"

83,8. But Enoch replied to Lamech and said, "Brother Lamech, behold, you do not know yet what the nature of this cave fire is; but I know it quite well from its ground!

83,9. See, in a moment this flame would go out, if we just wanted it out of the Lord! But this fire has to continue to increase for the time of another turn of a shadow through my will, so that firstly this yawning gap will be destroyed, and secondly, that in this fire the first creator of the same finds his just punishment; because you know now from the Lord that the spirit is capable of pain.

83,10. But when this fire has served its dual purpose in due course, also the adversary of God will have to show himself to receive the just rebuke from me and also a most effective ban to never again in whatever manner attack a hiker on his way!"

83,11. With these words Lamech was entirely satisfied and said to Enoch: "Listen, brother, if this is the case, then I do not mind even if we have to spend a full day here at this though extremely horrible place! Because if this mischief is not controlled, who could ever again dare to make a journey to the heights?"

83,12. And your comrade H. asked you constantly in swift flight, where you will be guiding the flight. But for a long time you did not answer him. But when he finally asked you why you did not answer him, only then did you say: How can I answer you such a question? First ask your heart what a wind is blowing inside it and where you want to go, then we shall be there soon where your love is still tied to the quite strong ropes which are still quite strongly anchored to so many worldly hopes in the sea of worldly worries.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-83 Chapter