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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-84 Chapter

Chapter 84

84,1. Thereupon Enoch turned to the blazing cave, held up his right hand and spoke with a powerful voice:

84,2. "You dark dwelling of death, you dwelling of the one who is an old nemesis of all life and a most shameful despiser of God, you gruesome visible gate that leads down to the abyss of abysses, naturally and spiritually, - I, a servant and a child of God, command you to collapse immediately to your deepest abyss, and be closed up in all your ravines, reefs, fissures and manifold diverse side caves and that your old resident flee like a cowardly thief from the house where he stole!

84,3. O my God and my eternal holy Father! Such take place according to Your most holy will for the future well-being of Your children on the testing trial ground of this stony earth! Amen."

84,4. When Enoch uttered these words of power the blazing cave collapsed at once under the most terrible thunder and banging in steaming rubble, and from the depths of the earth one could hear for a considerable time a dreadfully dull reverberation, caused by the cave in of the inner workings of this entrance into the double abyss.

84,5. On the whole earth there was no point where the great effect of this collapse could not have been noticed, whereby also all the then living people on the surface of this earth experienced in their disposition and spiritual life a state of soothing fear; for only a few wise men knew what this meant and where it originated.

84,6. This extraordinary event caused also our Lamech to lose his composure. Fear and terror has gripped his soul that he trembled together with the whole earth in every fiber and cell of his life like the leaves of an aspen tree in a violent storm.

84,7. But also all the other companions of Lamech, except for Lamech of the heights, despite their great bravery, began to feel quite strangely at the sight of this horror scene, so that no one had the courage to engage with the now too powerful appearing Enoch in a conversation.

84,8. But Enoch comforted them all and showed them, and especially to Lamech that everyone carries the great ability in him to accomplish such at the right time and the right place according to the order of the Lord.

84,9. After such explanation all recovered again and since a mighty wind started to blow which quickly swept away the rising vapors of the collapsed site and Lamech could now see the vast, free, steadfast place, he was happy and cheerful again and praised and glorified God that he had given such power to man.

84,10. But as soon as the main traces of this fear started to fade, already something else appeared before the eyes of our hikers which began to occupy the disposition of our hikers even more than the destruction event of the cave. It was the most defiant appearance of Satan in a ferocious form soon afterwards.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-84 Chapter