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Chapter 85

85,1. When Lamech, as well as his companions, had a real good look at the great enemy of all life and noticed his blazing, most wrathful, horrible, beastly, repelling figure, his still steaming head which wore snakes instead of hair, which shot violently around and writhed around the head and from the head shot out like tied arrows with such speed that they would have pierced anyone they could reach similar of being slashed by a shot arrow - Lamech and his companions were in all earnest so mightily afraid that they did not knew what to do.

85,2. But Enoch, when he saw such vain fear in Lamech and his companions, allowed them studiously to tremble for a little while. Only after some time he turned with great earnestness to Satan and addressed him with the following words:

85,3. "Listen, you enemy of the Lord our and your almighty God! How is your will, your memory and your obedience towards God constituted?

85,4. What did you promised the Lord in my presence, when He let you be chastised through the hand of Kisehel?

85,5. Do you think, most evil, that my memory and the memory of the Lord is also so maliciously short as there is yours?!

85,6. O you nemesis of all life! I tell you in the name of the Lord, you are mightily wrong!

85,7. See, this and that the Lord has spoken to you and you have made Him a full promise that you only want to lead His children for the better through well-ordered trials and tests!

85,8. However, within only a few days already, how does your promise looks like?! You have completely forgotten your God, your supposed to be faithful promise and all of the hard punishment and wanted to destroy us here through your greatest rage and wrath fire, since you surely had to know who I am and who these my brethren are now!

85,9. But it is not enough that you intended to destroy us through the fire of your wrath, and that I through the fullest power of God in me have punished you in the most sensitive manner by destroying your deceptive dwelling, - no, but you come again in a state appearing before me as if you wanted to devour me and my brothers with one bite!

85,10. O you miserable servant of your own destruction and death in you! God and me, His servant, you want to defy, while in the name of the Lord I can blow you away with one breath, like a hurricane blows away a loose, insignificant piece of chaff?

85,11. But I now beseech you by the eternal endless power of God which dwells now in me, to your terrifying punishment, that you tell me faithfully and truthfully, what is your real intention and what is it you still intend to do, to realize your end goal!

85,12. Should you, however, become unruly, I will chasten you in the name of the Lord that thereupon the whole, endless creation of God will tremble in its foundations after which no stone will be left unbroken, so that it can not refuse to testify of such deed by me on you! And thus speak now!"

85,13. Here Satan began to shake and said: "Enoch, I acknowledge your power and my utter powerlessness before you, since you are a faithful servant of the Lord! But decree me the evil confession along with the punishment which I deserve indeed, and determine the place where I ought to live so as not to be detrimental to the people of this earth and I will indeed soon abide to your dictum voluntarily!"

85,14. But Enoch insisted on his demand and did not allowed to be haggled with, but rebuked Satan all the more insistently, to speak about of what his evil basic intentions are.

85,15. But Satan began to prance and to bristle and did not wanted to talk about what Enoch forcefully asked him to do.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-85 Chapter