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Chapter 86

86,1. But Enoch didn’t listen and look at Satan but charged him for the third time, only more insistently to speak of his evil final goal and what he intended to achieve by his great wickedness and malice.

86,2. Then Satan opened his mouth and said: "Listen to me, you proud servant of God on the dust 'earth'! I have the power to deny the Creator of all things, the answer to any question, who can give me an indestructible body of the highest sensation and can then throw me as an everlasting punishment into the most horrible pain and excruciating central embers of His anger fire, and you, hardly worth being called an atom of dust on dust, want to me, to whom the whole visible creation is at his command and must be - if I only want it to be - you want to force me to reveal to you my plans, which I have set up in me since eternity?! O you miserable worm of the dust!

86,3. Behold, at a moments notice all the elements are at my disposal and the whole world is buried under fire or under water! With a softest breath I can extinguish the sun and immerse you in an eternal night and can turn you at once into a most inane dust, - and you still dare to force me to answer, and this on top of vain threats?!

86,4. See, if I in my endless power would regard it as worthy, you would not exist a long time ago. But it would be too fussy and miserable from me, if I would get involved with such hideous and trifle matters!

86,5. Even God Himself is too minor and void that I want to condescend so far to attack Him with my power, for I only see too clearly how all too quickly He would be finished off! What should I therefore do to you, you miserable creature?!

86,6. With all to me possible condescension I have told you to spare me the answer and to show me a place where I can go, so that the beautiful children of God could be exempt from my trials; but you instead approach me with a god-almighty arrogance?!

86,7. Well - wait, you proud, inflated servant of God! For you I will find a master who will be engraved in your memory for all eternities to come!

86,8. Behold, I now swear to you your certain destruction; and your almighty God I will let Him be fasten to the wood, from which He will call for help in vain!

86,9. And this human race I will soon destroy with fire and floods so that not a trace of it can be found anywhere; but I will not kill you, so that you can become a witness, if I do all these things of which I have now spoken in my righteous wrath!

86,10. Indeed, all visible creation should rather vanish up to the last atom, than me leaving only one syllable of all this unfulfilled! - And only you prompted me now to do all this!

86,11. There you have my answer; learn from it what I will do!

86,12. But for now move away with your vermin and do not demand anything further from me, or I'm doing right now what I inevitably will do in time! "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-86 Chapter