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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-87 Chapter

Chapter 87

87,1. When Enoch heard such words from the archenemy of life, he straightened up, praised and lauded the Lord mightily in his heart and then addressed the following very significant words to the evildoer of the eternal divine holiness, saying:

87,2. "Now listen, you malicious arbitrarily evildoer! Myriad times myriad of solar years, where one is equal to about twenty-eight thousand earth years, you were always a most obstinate, most restive renegade of God!

87,3. What has the endless love of the Lord not already done, in order to bring you devil, without limiting your free will, back on the right path!

87,4. Look up at all the countless suns and worlds of all kinds which the Lord has created for your sake, so that you will return on one or the other!

87,5. On each of the suns and worlds God's endless mercy has given you innumerable means at hand, with which you could have very easily returned. Never did the Lord limited to the slightest extend your first external freedom of your will and never has He set you even the smallest barrier anywhere!

87,6. Whenever you wanted a new sun with lots of earths and moons and dust stars to your ostensible pretended improvement, the Lord created them according to your favor; yes you could always play with the omnipotence of the eternal God!

87,7. But for what did you used all these wasted graces and ineffable biggest mercies on you?! - See, for nothing else than for the execution of what you have now spoken here and what you in our previous meeting have told the Lord of heaven and earth to His face already in a most defiant manner!

87,8. But now listen, Satan, what the Lord now speaks to you through my mouth:

87,9. Sinister evildoer to My love, mercy, forbearance, compassion, patience, meekness, gentleness and forever untouchable holiness! I, your Lord and your God, swear to you by My endless eternal power and strength, your eternal utter demise! What you have spoken now, the same shall take place irrevocably to your downfall!

87,10. Until now, I have never set you a goal but it was up to you to set deadlines over deadlines before Me and even most thoroughly lie to Me at each, and then on top of it all you taunt Me as a stupid God full of weaknesses as if I were blind and deaf, not be able to see through your plans!

87,11. But now I have become tired of your old iniquity and therefore set a goal for you out of Myself!

87,12. You know the age of Adam?! (Nine-hundred- and-thirty years) - Behold, once it has passed already; after it has passed another six times, you with all your helpers and accomplices will then find the matching reward in the eternal fire of My wrath!

87,13. However - so that you incidentally can get a taste of that fire until the set deadline, I just now have sunk a little spark into the center of the earth and have built for it a stove and around the stove a new dwelling; from time to time you will be compelled to stay there from now on as a trial of this little spark! - And that will take place as often as you, like now, have sinned against Me!

87,14. But now I command you to go into this dwelling for as long as it pleases Me! Amen.”

87,15. Here, the earth split up to the abyss. Smoke and flames shot out from the gulf and with the most horrible howling Satan plunged into the abyss and the earth closed again afterwards.

87,16. But the travelers glorified and praised God and then continued with their journey.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-87 Chapter