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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-89 Chapter

Chapter 89

89,1. After a short time our hikers reached the full height. But when Lamech saw the dwellings of Adam and also the dwellings of the other main tribe children, since they were designated to him by his spirit, he fell down on his face and said:

89,2. "O God, You most holy Father, what sublime dwellings are these which You have built with Your own hands!

89,3. My dwelling is built from dead clay and rocks and is dead as its material and its inhabitants; but here, the dwellings are built from living trees and as such are alive together with its living inhabitants! O, how incalculably is such a dwelling worth more than there are worth all the cities in the depths!"

89,4. Lamech would have kept on raving for some time; but Enoch came to him, picked him up and alerted him to the fact that patriarch Adam with matriarch Eva were just leaving their dwelling to go with Seth to this height to investigate if they (namely Enoch with Lamech) could not be seen returning home.

89,5. When Lamech and his companions, after this explanation and the alert by Enoch, caught sight of the primordial couple, he was overcome by weakness and for some time was not able to utter one word because of sheer awe. Only when the first reverence storm had ebbed off a little, did he made the following exclamation, saying:

89,6. "O You great God, what sacred dignity, what high nobleness! How sublime is the first person, the unborn, who is an actual work of Your hands and Your almighty love will!

89,7. Yes, beloved brother Enoch! Even if you had not alerted me, it would be impossible for me to have missed it, that this is the first human couple on earth! The enormous size, the most perfect human form and the dazzling-white high age are indeed an abundantly clear testimony!

89,8. O brother, I have expected a lot from the impression which the sight of the patriarch will bring about in me but how far have all my expectations now been exceeded!"

89,9. Here, Adam looked at the full height and uttered a cry of joy when he saw Enoch.

89,10. At once all rushed from their dwellings and welcomed Enoch with open arms.

89,11. But this time, despite his high age, Adam was the first to reach the height. And when he met up with Enoch on the summit, he embraced him with both arms, held him against his chest and said quite moved:

89,12. "O you my beloved son, how often during your days of absence did I came here awaiting you! How often did I have blessed you! Therefore, be countless times welcome!

89,13. Also you, my son Lamech, son of Mathusalah, come here and let me bless you! How many times has your wife Ghemela looked down, and how often did she prayed that the Lord may bless you and keep you from harm! Look, there, from the hut of Jared she hurries out of breath to meet us here! Go and meet her halfway to spare her the full distance; because no wife has ever loved her husband more like she does!"

89,14. And Lamech did immediately what Adam advised him to do.

89,15. Only then did Adam noticed the other guests and welcomed them and asked them, akin to his usual curiosity, who and from where they were.

89,16. But the travelers from the depths were so awestricken because of the sublime sight that they were not able to answer Adam’s questions. Therefore Enoch immediately calmed Adam and told him himself, who his companions were.

89,17. And Adam blessed them and invited them all to follow him to his dwelling and to enjoy some refreshments to strengthen the tired body. And all followed him.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-89 Chapter