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Chapter 9

9,1. Here all the fathers were happy beyond measure. Adam and Eve rushed to Ahbel, Seth to Sehel and Ghemela to Zuriel and talked about things of the spirit and also about the most perfect, utmost free and therefore also most blessedly life in the beyond.

9,2. And Seth asked Sehel: "Son, how did it felt when the Lord had you resolved in this world"?

9,3. And Sehel said to Seth: "Life to you, life in your question! In breath I was; a tremor rummaged through the ether, the sun-belt shredded, and I was free, a life in infinity.

9,4. As a light I penetrated the universe, and the light de-lifed the beings; and the de-lifed beings became new beings, and a new life saw in the new light, and the Father was everywhere the reason of all light and all life of the light from life.

9,5. And now I'm a perfect one, and live free an eternal, light-fullest, mighty life out of the life of all life in God.

9,6. Behold, father Seth, so it was, so it is, and so it will be and remain forever, because every future second breathes a more perfect life than the previous one!

9,7. Believe, father Seth, what you see and hear now, is not an illusion and no dazing of your hearing, but it's all the naked truth and fullest reality; but what you see in the outer world, is only the tree’s bark, its the shell of the truth and in view of reality it is a land whose soil is covered by dense fog and dark clouds.

9,8. There, however”, here Sehel pointed to the Lord, "o father Seth, is the life of life and the light of light perfectly!

9,9. Hearken His word; it is the reason of all beings! From His word I am and you are, and all life originates from the word of the Father.

9,10. When He speaks here, out of each of His words arise living realizations of endless depths, and new legions of suns and worlds begin to orbit their first never-ending circle.

9,11. Therefore hear what the Father says and keep His Word in you, and you all will learn it, that everyone who has the Father's word in him, also has the eternal life!

9,12. For his word is essence, and the tone of his speech is the foundation of all things.

9,13. To Him therefore eternally all honor, all kudos, all praise and all love! Amen."

9,14. These words of Sehel made a big impression on everyone present, and all glorified and praised the Father of life that He gave such high wisdom to the angels and such power in His grace.

9,15. And Adam asked Ahbel: "My most beloved and long mourned son, are you also capable of such words, as they just flowed as a mighty stream from Sehel’s mouth"?

9,16. But Ahbel replied to Adam: "Father of the earth of man! Neither Sehel nor I, but all in all is God, the eternal, holy Father; because our word is His Word just as His holy will is always ours!

9,17. Because for the spirit no word exists but only the Word of the Father, just as there is no life but only the Father's life.

9,18. But he who lives out of God, also speaks out of God; and thus everyone who lives out of God, can also speak the word of God and words of life!

9,19. But if anyone stands up and says: 'I have collected from my own ground', is a liar like the old dragon who makes the great mercy of the Father his doing by saying, ‘I am a master of the Lord and can beat Him whenever I want!', whereas he, through himself, is the most beaten being.

9,20. Behold, father, therefore it is quite easily possible for the pure spirit to speak and act in all the strength and power of the Father, as one loves, lives and most freely breathes in the Father! Therefore to Him all love forever! Amen."

9,21. This speech made Adam quite soft and Eve wept softly, and after a while Adam called out aloud: "Oh God, You holy Father, although I still like to live among your children on earth; but it would be better to be where my and Your Ahbel is!"

9,22. And the Lord said: "Only a little while, and you should come to rest! Amen."

9,23. And Adam said: "What is rest?"

9,24. And the Lord said: "Rest is the resurrection of the spirit to eternal life out of Me!

9,25. Truly, until I will not arise in you, you will remain; but when I will arise in you, then you too will arise to the light of life in the flesh of love and the word out of Me!

9,26. Therefore be tranquil and eat and drink until My flesh and My blood will awaken you! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-9 Chapter