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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-90 Chapter

Chapter 90

90,1. Arriving In the spacious hut of Adam, the servants of Seth served refreshments of the finest fruits. At the friendly invitation of Adam the guests sat down on the ground next to the baskets, praised and thanked God and then ate quite cheerfully.

90,2. Lamech from the depths, however, was still filled with too much respect for Adam, which prevented him to fully participate in the mirth which soon permeated the souls of all the others.

90,3. But Adam noticed this soon and asked Lamech about it.

90,4. And Lamech replied: "Father, you first of all people on earth! See, I cannot master my paralyzing awe for you and all those who surround you as your first children!

90,5. The idea that you are the father of Kahin whose children and grandchildren all died long ago, and this - the mother of all still living and also no longer living humans! - It fills my soul with ever increasing awe and this prevents me from being unboundly cheerful than those who are either already used to such sublimity from childhood because they were always around you, o father, or those - even coming from my place - who are, according to their still strong emotional limitations, not capable of appreciating such sublimity in its holy depth sufficiently!

90,6. Therefore, forgive me, o father Adam, and you also, most venerable mother Eve, that I, according to my state of mind just can not be so cheerful as there are the others! In addition, all the others have never been sinners to God or for that matter, you; but I was, however, still a few weeks ago, a monster of monsters which has done nothing to improve himself but where everything has been done by divine mercy.

90,7. See, for this reason I can not completely indulge in joy like those, as said, who never have sinned before you nor before God!"

90,8. Here, Adam interrupted the apology of Lamech and said to him: "Listen, my poor son of my unfortunate first son Kahin! Your utterance is very dear, valuable and precious to me and on top of it I must confess that I've never heard such words from any of my children.

90,9. But, I nevertheless must tell you that such excessive reverence for me, the patriarch of the people of the earth, is a little vain; since basically I’m just a person like any other! Whether born or created directly by God, is the same; because also the born is created in the womb by God, just as I was created by God outside the womb.

90,10. That you have been a sinner, anyone knows on the height; but that you have tremendously ameliorated yourself by the grace of God, we also know, and that the Lord has forgiven you everything, we know as well. Therefore, also we have forgiven you for the sake of the Lord, thus be cheerful and happy with us!

90,11. Therefore eat and drink and leave behind your sadness; because I still have to show you many things afterwards!"

90,12. These words brought our Lamech back to his senses and he could eat and drink with a joyful heart.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-90 Chapter