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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-91 Chapter

Chapter 91

91,1. That here during the meal many historical events regarding Me, Jehovah, have been re-told and where also our Kenan did mention his dream again and Lamech had to ask a lot about it, needs hardly mentioning, nor being re-told again since it has been told several times already.

91,2. But that at the close Adam recommended to Enoch the marriage of Purista with Muthael on this special occasion, is important and must not be abbreviated. And this is what happened:

91,3. After the meal, when all the guests of Adam offered the Lord a worthy praise, Adam rose and said to Enoch: "Hear me, you my beloved son, Enoch! See, in the nearly five-day period of your absence came Muthael, who during the most recent visit of the Lord asked the question about the nature of women love and who also received a fully weighted answer from the Lord, came timid heartedly to confide in me very awkwardly the plight of his love for Purista and finally added the request, that we should not withhold from him because of any certain external reasons, what the Lord had already promised him and thus actually given to him, but as soon as possible bless his love for Purista in the name of the Lord and give to him Purista as his wife.

91,4. Behold, my son, Enoch, this has taken place here in my hut! But I have not given Muthael neither a yes or a no but referred him for the time being only to the Lord and then also to your return.

91,5. What do you think? - Is it at this occasion the right time, to grant Muthael his request, or should this be further postponed?”

91,6. And Enoch said to Adam: "Listen, father, until now the Lord has not instructed me to do such; but I mean, if Muthael adopts the spirit of my son Lamech, the man of Ghemela and gives us the living assurance, not to touch his wife until the Lord will denote it to him in his heart, I can see no reason why we cannot grant his wish!

91,7. But if he feels too weak for the fulfillment of this condition, it goes without saying that we cannot recklessly leave this matter of the Lord in the hands of human weakness!

91,8. But I think it would be for Muthael even more advisable not to anticipate the Lord in any thing; for the Lord verifies those very strongly, whom He wants to give a lot. Therefore also Muthael should rather sacrifice his mighty love to the Lord entirely and not to possess anything besides Him and in this way provide in all self-denial his spirit with the fullest freedom in God and the Lord will then surely give to him what He has promised provided it is beneficial for Muthael! Are you not in agreement with me in this matter?"

91,9. And the Adam replied: "Yes, Enoch, you're absolutely right, this is how it must be! When he comes back, I will put this to him as an indispensable condition; and Purista is for the time being out of the question!

91,10. Yes, that is right and completely in accordance with the divine order! But now this matter has been settled and therefore nothing more of it!

91,11. Let us go outside the hut again! The evening will be glorious today; therefore we want to get up soon on the big white height above the cave and from there look at the great goodness and almightiness of God! - And with that let us get on our way! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-91 Chapter