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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-92 Chapter

Chapter 92

92,1. Having reached the big white height, Lamech and his companions saw for the first time in their entire life on earth the sea and could not turn away their eyes from this large body of water which in the far distance seemed to unite with the sky according to their understanding at that time.

92,2. Yes they would have watched the spectacle of the waves for days and would have lost themselves entirely in such contemplation, if Adam had not nudged Lamech and directed his eyes towards the water-spouting cones which we already know!

92,3. When Lamech beheld those, he almost fell to the ground out of sheer amazement and could not find any words to express his feelings which seized him. With tearful eyes he stared around for an hour without speaking a word.

92,4. After such time, Enoch finally asked him: "Well, brother Lamech, what do you say to this view? How do you like the earth, viewed from this outlook point?"

92,5. Here, Lamech finally took hold of himself and said to Enoch: "O you my beloved brother, to express the feelings which overwhelmed my heart here, I had to be equipped with the flaming language ability of a Seraph and a Cherub! My tongue is too dull and stiff for it!

92,6. But this, dear brother, I must admit to you that I’m getting quite afraid now, if I consider that alongside these unspeakable glories of the earth, I perhaps have to leave them shortly!

92,7. Indeed, I for one would in all eternity wish for no better and more blissful life, nor more beautiful world than there is this gorgeous earth!

92,8. Wherever I turn my eyes, continually new wonders appear! There towards the evening the heaving sea is glowing in a splendor of a thousand colors, which has its beginning here on earth but loses itself in the infinity of the sky! There, quite nearby, are standing before us seven huge mountains with cone shaped tops, driving water columns towards the sky! These seem to shatter against the blue ceiling of the sky and from there they fall in countless radiating drops back to earth like fleeting stars bringing the blessings from heaven to the earth; one might almost come to believe that the night stars are originating from there!

92,9. Not to mention all the thousands and thousand times thousand other splendors; because they are too diverse, too big and too exalted for the human tongue to describe them. Therefore, o my brother, let me for a while quietly enjoy this great fullness of miracles of our holy Father!

92,10. O You who still yesterday taught me in such a sublime manner Your wisdom and infinite love, how endlessly exalted, holy, good and powerful You must be, because Your works bring You such honor!

92,11. O Brother Enoch, would He, the holy Creator of these glories, still be among us like yesterday, how would our hearts feel?!

92,12. Yes, holy, beyond holy is our God Jehovah Zebaoth; for heaven and earth are so overfilled of His great glory!

92,13. O Father, who is worthy enough to love You, praise and glorify You sufficiently? Because You are too holy, too sublime and too good!"

92,14. Here Lamech went silent in delight. But Adam and all the others were themselves moved to tears because of the behavior of Lamech and his companions. And Enoch himself praised mightily God, the Lord, in his heart, that He showed such great compassion to those who were weak and lost and that He had so mightily strengthened them with His mercy.

92,15. But the group lingered until midnight at the height.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-92 Chapter