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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-93 Chapter

Chapter 93

93,1. Around midnight Adam got up, blessed the whole world and then said to the whole society: "Hear me, all of you my beloved children! I think we now have looked enough at the magnificent marvels of God - and have saturated our soul with the purest, sweetest food in the great wonder kitchen of the Lord!

93,2. To Him, the only beyond everything good, holy, most loving Father, all praise, all laud, all thanks, all our love and most highest respect and truest worship!

93,3. Since also our limbs begin to crave for all kinds of food and strengthening, let us thus walk back now in this magnificent full light of the moon and in the name of the Lord get refreshed in my hut through food and drink and after giving praise to the Lord let us strengthen ourselves by a reviving sleep on beds prepared from fragrant leaves!

93,4. The day of tomorrow will bring us new pleasures in the name of the Lord; and so let Seth lead us down the best way!"

93,5. And Seth did immediately what Adam had asked him to do and within half an hour according to current time measurements, all returned safe and sound to Adam’s hut, where the servants of Seth had kept everything in readiness which Adam was referring to at the height.

93,6. And the guests, mightily hungry for food due to the pure mountain air, praised God the Lord and then rather heartily reached for the baskets.

93,7. And when the meal was over, they thanked the Lord fervently and laid down, as they were together there, on the fragrant beds to rest.

93,8. In the morning, however, Adam was as usual the first to get up and woke all the others.

93,9. When all were well strengthened back on their feet again, Adam said to Enoch: "Enoch, it is again the pre-sabbat today! Don’t you think that we should invite the children for tomorrow's celebrations on the day of the Lord?"

93,10. But Enoch replied, saying: "Father, I mean, because the matter has a more vain than an actual worshipping appearance, it is better this time to do without the invitations!

93,11. Who wants to come, will be welcomed and will receive the blessing of the Sabbath; but who does not want to come free out of himself, we do not want to coerce him, either by invitation nor by any other means, and especially now at the very least, since before the Lord it would have the true appearance as if we wanted to brag a little in front of these children from the depths with our mass rally!

93,12. Therefore, let it be as it is the will of the Lord! Whosoever will come and will, will also receive the blessing; and for those who will not come, let us pray and sacrifice them to the Lord in our hearts!"

93,13. Adam was perfectly satisfied with this answer and decided for this day to visit other landmarks of the heights with the visitors who became very dear to him, to which also Enoch agreed.

93,14. He therefore arranged for the morning meal and when it was consumed, they made their way to the full height and from there to the famous cave.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-93 Chapter