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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-94 Chapter

Chapter 94

94,1. When arriving at the famous cave according to Adam’s plan, Lamech suddenly exclaimed: "For the almighty God's sake! What is this? Is this also the work of human hands?

94,2. No, no, this could not possibly been built by human hands ever! Because too incalculably truly divine wise artful has this construction been carried out; no one, - irrespective a most thorough investigation - even in his wildest dreams, could have imagined at first sight that at this most magnificent and truly divine wondrous-marvellous cave, even the wisest of men could have put only one finger to it and fixed only the smallest shiny stone to it!

94,3. The whole of this magnificent temple of nature seems to be entirely constructed out of one piece! Nowhere a joint can be seen but still this true God-building looks like it was built from all kinds of precious stones!

94,4. For here a wall built from ruby pillars of the same thickness glows like a most glorious dawn; just next to it but as if consisting of one piece, however, a skyblue shining gigantic column rises to the height of one-hundred man-heights! Behind the pillar, as I can see, a small side chapel shines like purest gold, interrupted here and there by all kinds of multicolored radiating stars!

94,5. No, no, this miracle-splendor suffocates the word on my tongue!

94,6. O Lord, what do I see there in the middle of this vast color-fire-temple? Is it not a powerfully shooting water fountain? - Yes, it is, wonderful magnificent sublime, like anything that emerged directly from the almighty hands of the Creator.

94,7. O God, You great almighty God, how insignificant nothing are all people and all the angels compared to You!

94,8. Lord, Creator, God, Father, holy, beyond holy! Such works have You built for the unthankful hearts of people?!

94,9. There on the wide firmament the sun shines with indescribable majesty and converts the otherwise dark earth with its miracle light into a heaven!

94,10. At night thousand times thousand stars sparkle in the endless open sky! The lovely moon also announces the great honor of God with his ever-changing light!

94,11. In which always new wonder forms gleam the always busy clouds under the firmament! How is the earth endlessly widely always decorated and adorned with the most glorious and most fragrant flowers! Yes, like a vain bride she is adorned, and yet man can still forget You, o Lord, in the middle of screaming miracles of Your Father-hand?!

94,12. When a vain-foolish man hands to an even more foolish maid a bouquet as a sign of his flesh love, she already begins to glow of love and sees henceforth nothing but her flesh-loving fool; the whole creation of God is to her without her fool a void, contemptible thing.

94,13. But the holy, good Father has out of His endless love adorned the whole earth with the most wonderful sublime beautiful bouquets of love most abundantly, has created the sun for us and the stars and countless other creations of wonder for us - and yet because of the flesh for earthworms, which we are ourselves, we can forget Him more and more, yes Him, the highest beauty and highest love and wisdom, we even want to flee, if we are standing in the fire of the sin of the flesh!

94,14. O earth, you glorious bride of God, you sweet mother of countless miracles of God! Are we most wretched and stupid people are worthy that you, sublime, carry us on the floor which is daily adorned by the mighty hand of God!”

94,15. Here Lamech fell silent for a while and Adam, as well as all the others embraced the speaker and comforted him with tears in their eyes.

94,16. And Enoch said, "Yes, brother Lamech, now you have spoken entirely out of my ground; so it is! Man in his flesh is not worthy the earth if he flees the spirit to comfort his flesh!

94,17. But keep on talking! I say to you: For years you will not tire us, - and even if you wanted to speak day and night! Therefore, proceed!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-94 Chapter