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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-95 Chapter

Chapter 95

95,1. But Lamech, hearing such pleasant encouragement from Enoch, straightened his soul, saying:

95,2. "O beloved brother, I want to talk, as long as my throat and tongue are capable of words; but the most wonderful sublimity and incomprehensible splendor of this place denies a poor sinner like me the capability of speech, and therefore the activity of speaking becomes a sour business, if the language tools are failing! Therefore, I want to ask you to make a speech here, so that I can be edified by it!

95,3. About the foolishness of man I think I have said enough; but if something can be said to their praise then open your mouth and make it known to us and thereby make good my reproach!

95,4. But I have spoken concordant to my experience and it therefore is as I have presented the matter with my few words; but you, o brother, surely have a different experience at the heights than I can have it in the sinful depths, and therefore you will be in a much better position to render a fair judgment over humanity and thus I ask you to speak in my place!"

95,5. And Enoch gave Lamech his hand and said: "Brother, it is true, concerning our experiences, your’s completely different in the depths from mine here on the heights. You nevertheless have spoken correctly in general for the depths and also for the heights, - because also here generally the flesh accounts for more than the Lord Himself!

95,6. Yes, if you will ask someone and say: 'Brother - or sister - what do you love and honor more: the flesh or God your Lord, Creator and Father?', he or she will tell you at once: 'What terrible question is this?! Who will ever love the flesh more than God?! No such a thought, such a question is already a sin, by which the earth trembles to the core!'

95,7. But pay attention to his actions, his life, it will very soon show that he with the greatest joy of the world will chitchat about entirely contemptible worthless, worldly and carnal-sweet subjects for days, weeks, months and years!

95,8. But if you begin with him to quite seriously talk about God and purely spiritual-living things, he will make a very puzzled, sad and extremely stupid face, and after an hour long conversation you will see him putting on a fathom long boring expression which will tell you with the clearest accents:

95,9. ‘Friend, you are horribly different; because such high issues I do not understand! And because I do not understand them, they serve to awaken in me boredom, inner peevishness and the soon following drowsiness! Talk about a cat, a bird, a beautiful daughter (or of a nice young man), and I will listen to you for days with the most intense attention; but only spare me such high, divine issues because I do not understand them!’

95,10. Behold, this the God-reverently person will indeed not tell you in the face; but his actions, his face and his gestures will scream it in your face more fierce than the roar of a starving lion!

95,11. Therefore, you should not make the difference between your and my experiences too large and rather put the heights and the depths on pretty much the same level and speak without reservation, especially if very soon Muthael will come to us in a certain matter.

95,12. But now we want to walk through this cave and from there towards the morning; there you shall see the glorious arrangement of God!

95,13. But as I said, when Muthael joins us, I will refer him to you and you will find the right words to talk to him! - And so it be done in the name of the Lord! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-95 Chapter