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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-96 Chapter

Chapter 96

96,1. When the group has crossed the cave among many astonishments and reached the eastern exit, Enoch said:

96,2. "Let us walk towards the morning so that Lamech and his companions can view the marvels of our holy Father! In the hut of Purista we want to hold the Lord's supper, which He Himself has ordained us all to engage at the right time to strengthen our love and thereby our spirit!"

96,3. And Adam replied: "Yes, my son, Enoch, you have spoken well; we want to do that and at the same occasion also see what we can do with the wedding-happy Muthael!"

96,4. And Enoch said: "Yes, yes, father Adam, it will become especially clear at this occasion! But let us leave this issue aside for now; at the right time and place it will show what we will have to do! - Thus let us go in the name of the Lord!"

96,5. Here the group left the cave and hastened towards the morning.

96,6. On arrival the people came in droves and greeted the high guests with the salutation of love.

96,7. But Purista was the first to greet the high guests and she said:

96,8. "Sublime fathers, great friends of the almighty God, you have come here, as always, with great, holy intentions; therefore now like forever my deepest praise to the holy, eternal, most loving Father, who dwells in His eternal holy light and through our love for Him, He invigorates us in our hearts!

96,9. Be welcomed a thousand times, o dear, sublime fathers, by the poor servant of the Lord! How does my soul longs for words of the Father from the mouth of him, whom the Lord Himself appointed as a true High Priest!

96,10. O come with me in the tabernacle of the Lord, which He Himself built through His almighty will, and which He has dedicated to be a dining kitchen, where all His children should find the right strengthening to eternal life."

96,11. But Enoch, as he looked at the completely molten Lamech, said to him: "Well, brother, how do you like this speaker? What do you say to her words?"

96,12. And Lamech, finding it hard to collect himself due to the indescribable heavenly grace and beauty of Purista, said: "O brother, the sight of the arch-enemy at the flaming and destroyed abyss, at the moment of its appearance, put a powerful ban on my tongue; but this daughter of the heavens seems to constrain my vocal organs even stronger! Oh God, oh God, what are all the things my eyes have to meet!

96,13. No, brother, the sight of such a heaven could cost a poor sinner indeed his life! Such beauty, associated with such love and wisdom! This is more than a poor sinner can endure in eternity!

96,14. Brother, spare me for now any further provisions or appraisals; because I first have to get used to this sight! If this has been accomplished with the grace of the Lord, only then I will be able to talk; therefore relieve me from any further speeches!"

96,15. And Enoch replied: "Well, inside the hut of glory of the Lord your tongue will be freed again; therefore, let us enter the large hut!"

96,16. Here the magnificent Purista led all into the hut and put fresh wood on the stove of love.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-96 Chapter