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Chapter 97

97,1. When all the group members were inside the hut and Purista had arranged her stove, she went back to Enoch and said to him:

97,2. "O sublime, sole, true High Priest of the almighty, eternal God, who is our holy and most loving Father! I must tell you with a sorrowful heart what is about to happen here in the morning!

97,3. You know that a while ago our Lord, our eternal holy Father, made Muthael some kind of promise, that I, one day if it pleases the Father, should become his wife. But now I'm followed by the otherwise wise and just Muthael on the heel because he wants to obtain from me my personal assurance!

97,4. If I tell him that he should only hold on to the words of the Lord and not unnecessarily demand a commitment from me since it will anyway be done at the right time, as the Lord wants it to happen, see, he begins to cry and says:

97,5. ‘Yes, yes, all virgins talk like this if the contestant is not to their liking!' The Lord would forever not force me to become his wife, if I, through His grace, did not choose to be by myself - and therefore I always refer him to the Lord, because I do not want him and because I know quite well that the Lord would never force me to anything, that I don’t like!

97,6. See, this and still many other things are his words! O give me some advice from the Lord what I should do here!

97,7. Have I not sinned yesterday, because being tired of the constant empty chatter and futile questioning, I have rejected Muthael unequivocally and told him: Because you're so unnecessarily meddlesome and want to have me as a wife ahead of time, I tell you in all seriousness that I have a distaste for you and give you the fullest assurance that you will never turn me away from the Lord! If you in your desire of vain love come only one step closer to me as a creature, I will swear to the Lord by this stove, to stay forever unmarried out of pure love for Him and to never look at a man of this earth!'

97,8. But these words devastated Muthael so severely that he became speechless and he went away weeping and sobbing, and - as I noticed - walked straight to you at the full heights.

97,9. O Enoch, you exalted servant of the almighty God, give me here a secure advice and comfort in the name of the Lord!"

97,10. And Enoch replied to Purista: "Then listen to me; I will tell you in all truth how things are standing: Behold, the Lord has certainly promised you to Muthael and already completely joined in the spirit; He has only postponed the blessing of the flesh until the right time! But the Lord has only made known such to your feelings silently!

97,11. However, when Muthael came to you and showed you this through hidden words, you recognized in him from your feelings, that he is the one who one day will become your husband blessed by the Lord; and according to this realization you have looked at Muthael with a very friendly, eloquent glance and through this most beautiful glance you have caused the otherwise exceedingly wise Muthael a severe wound whereby he almost bled all his wisdom! And since then Muthael is completely buried in your love and cannot arise from such dwelling, in which there is no life!

97,12. Behold, this was therefore a small mistake of yours which you have to made good again! But this mistake you will make good by asking the Lord, that He should bless Muthael and lead him to the right way of salvation!

97,13. You may, however, not despise him indeed; because a man who is filled with the promise of the Lord, is mightily sanctified!

97,14. That the Lord is now trying him a little, serves his perfection. But you are not allowed to misconstrue him for it; for he is sanctified by God and destined to become your husband at the right time!

97,15. See, this is how things are! You are not allowed to avoid him; but you also cannot tempt him! - This is for you; but with Muthael I will talk! Now, let us go to your stove! Amen.”

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