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Chapter 98

98,1. But when Purista got busy at her stove again, Lamech now more sober and composed, made some valid comments about her to the group and when hardly finishing his remarks, all of a sudden Muthael entered the hut as if losing his senses, he looked at Enoch, then went with a thoughtful step in front of him and stared at him without saying a word.

98,2. But Enoch soon picked up his right hand and said: "Listen, you dumb desire of the flesh, holding captive this man who is filled with the promise of God, I command you with the power of the Lord in my chest that you immediately leave him who is called by God!"

98,3. Here Muthael suddenly awoke as if from a deep sleep and said: "O God, my holy Father! Where am I now? What happened to me? Am I still who I was? Am I awake or do I sleep and dream now?

98,4. I can vaguely remember hurrying here with a great fervor for Purista; and behold, Purista is standing here next to me and is so indifferent to me like something that doesn’t exist. - How is this possible?

98,5. I know and clearly remember now that after the promise I began to seize her with the most ardent love; but now only the promise shines as the evening star in the first twilight in my chest, where it is a word of the Father! Everything else, however, is like gone for me! - How, how has this change so suddenly took place in me?!

98,6. O Enoch, I openly confess it to you - since I know now why I came here in the first place, and why I hastened yesterday very early in the morning to the height - that now the whole earth with all its residents means nothing to me!

98,7. The Father alone is now all in all to me; but everything else is a sheer nothingness! Also you, Enoch, means only something to me because you carry the exclusive love for the Father in your heart; but otherwise you are to me just like the other things which are pure creatures only and, similar to Purista, as if you did not exist at all!

98,8. For I now see everywhere the sustaining and constantly re-creating labor of love and concern and work of the Father. Therefore I can not love the things and creatures which provide so much effort to the holy Father; since I only love Him!

98,9. I myself would rather not, as I am, - because I'm also provide the Father effort; but I would not exist, I also could not love Him, Him who is the highest love Himself! Likewise, you should be the same, so that you may love the Father!

98,10. O Father, how was it then possible that I nearly could love this Purista for a few moments more than You, holy Father?!”

98,11. These words closed the mouth of Muthael. But all were terribly surprised by this change of Muthael.

98,12. Purista secretly began to cry and cursed the designated look described by Enoch by which she had caused Muthael such a wound; for she now saw him, her heart loved secretly, as lost.

98,13. Adam did not know what question to ask first.

98,14. Lamech of the depth also looked quite puzzled and said to Enoch: "Brother, under the current circumstances it seems to me, that I will not be able to talk too much to this man!"

98,15. But Enoch replied: "Let it be good! Only when the sheet has been completely turned, you will be at the right place to talk a lot; but for now we allow the case to run its good way! Because here Purista must come to aid Muthael by compensating for what she had formerly, though not on purpose, caused to harm him! Thus the Lord wants it! Therefore, we will leave the matter and let it go the way of divine order! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-98 Chapter