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Chapter 99

99,1. Only after these words of Enoch to Lamech did Adam recovered properly and asked Enoch: "Hear, my beloved son, Enoch! What occurrence is this? The glowing Muthael, who imagined to find in Purista the heaven of heavens, - who only yesterday lost himself in the most wonderful depths of Purista - of which depths incalculable mercyful consequences of such God’s promised conjunction would emerge -; the Muthael, I say, who prophesied to me that the preservation of the human race on this earth depended on this by God promised affiliation, - who is now a sheerest despiser of Purista and, how it seems to me, she has become so indifferent to him, as is indifference to us that part of the world, which we don’t know yet.

99,2. O tell me, how does this happened? Has laying on of your hands caused such in Muthael? Or did he persuaded himself secretly? Or did the Lord transformed him so suddenly? Or did you put him in a waking sleep? - O tell me what it is that has changed Muthael so entirely?”

99,3. And Enoch said to Adam: "O father Adam, just pay attention to the behaviour and the speech of Muthael and you will soon find the mystery of this phenomenon resolved before you! I will soon allow Muthael to talk to Purista, if he wants to and from this speech you will be able to very easily discern all that what is behind this phenomenon; thus pay close attention!"

99,4. Here Enoch summoned Purista and said to her: "Well, my lovely Purista, tell me what you now think of Muthael and if you are pleased with me that I, through the grace of the Lord, have changed Muthael by word and deed in this way! Because you formerly laid a just complaint against him in which you expressed your dissatisfaction with him; therefore you have to tell if you like him better now!"

99,5. Here Purista was greatly embarrassed and did not know what she should say.

99,6. But Muthael who stood by her side, said without much pondering: "I think that on this time- and form changing world everything has its time! Stupidity has its, wisdom its, love its, the women sense in man its, the desire of marriage its! So it was also with me when I glowed in front of Purista!

99,7. However, since times are changing and we are stuck in the sequence of time, how should we remain so utterly immutable?!

99,8. The whole earth is constantly dancing like a foolish- funny child around the great sun; but where is the quiet wise among us who is not forced to join such daily dance?! Even in my sleep I have to accompany this foolish delight of the earth!

99,9. It is thus understandable that I had to become glowing myself by a glow-eyed maid! But we all know that the moist clouds are able to even cool down the powerful burning sun; thus there must exist also a means by which a man can cool his foolish women love?!

99,10. The grace of God gave me such means, and now the two suns of Purista are not hurting me anymore! And this is also a change of time in me, and I live in it anew and feel that a man, once he is born, can very easily exist without a Purista; and therein lies the reason for the constant change of times.

99,11. Today loving, tomorrow cloudy; hot today, white tomorrow; glow today, flood tomorrow!"

99,12. These words broke Purista’s heart and she began to weep bitterly and said: "If the augured speaks such words when it concerns the highest seriousness, what will be the words of the non-augured?! - O Muthael, don’t you have a heart anymore that could forgive me, if I have been too hard?”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-99 Chapter